The 10 Best Ark Servers to Play On

Each Server Provides an Entirely Different Experience

by Davi Braid
Studio Wildcard

If you are unsure of which server deserves your time, you should check the 5 best Ark Servers to play on. These servers have strong communities, are consistently populated, and each has a different focus, so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Astro PvP

Astro PvP

As the name implies, this is a PvP server with an experienced team that uses no mods on their servers. In their cluster, you will find all maps and an active player base. Despite not using mods, you’ll notice they made some adjustments of their own, like having Custom Lootdrops and x100 Settings.

If you prefer fast-paced progression and enjoy PvP in Ark Survival, Astro PvP’s servers might be just what you’re looking for.



MTSArk, or More Than Survivors, started as a PvE server in 2018. However, it quickly grew into the largest unofficial PvP community for the game. They pride themselves on being a hardcore server for players who want to put in the effort and play a game with barely any “Pay to Win” features.

Despite many players moving on to other servers and games, MTS Ark remains reasonably populated. MTS also features its own balance changes. If PvP is what you are looking for, there’s a reason why MTS has been afloat for this long, and you should check it out.

INX Gaming Survival

INX Game Survival

INX Game Survival is a PvP Server Cluster with custom settings such as a Tribe Limit of 4 and a x10 Harvest, Experience, and Taming multiplier. They are located in Europe, and English is the recommended language for communication.

While the servers are not packed, they always seem to have players online, maintain an active community on Discord, and enforce clear rules to enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Ethereal Dominion

Ethereal Dominion

If PvP is not your thing, Ethereal Dominion is a PvE Cluster that has been around forever. Their servers aren’t packed, but you’ll consistently find players in some of the best maps, like Ragnarok, Lost Island, and Fjordur. They are based in the US, so peak activity times may align with US hours.

If the official Ark experience is not for you, Ethereal Dominion might be just what you’re looking for. , this might not be the cluster for you. This cluster features 9 mods on each of their servers, such as Kraken’s Better Dinos, Super Structures, StackMeMore, Platform Plus, and others.

Elite Ark

Elite Ark

Elite Ark is another group that runs PvP servers. However, their servers vary significantly from one another. They offer 6 man PvP servers, Trio PvP Servers, and more. Chances are you will find a server that fits the game experience that you enjoy the most.

Known for their high-quality servers and excellent uptime, all their maps have undergone meticulous edits to improve the player experience. If you decide to play in their cluster, be prepared for their unique versions of specific maps and custom game settings.

The Ghost Division

The Ghost Division

The Ghost Division is a PvE server that has been around since 2015, right when Ark was released. They claim to have created the servers for everyone, from experienced players to newcomers. Ghost Division has 12 active PvE maps and a lot of helpful content so you can find the best mods, cluster-specific rewards, and more.

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They have clear rules for balance and behavior to keep the community fun and safe for everyone. They also have active mods to enforce their rules. However, note that their servers are for somewhat active players as they will delete your tribe structures if you stay inactive for more than 10 days unless you notify their mods of your absence.



Squirtle Ark sets itself apart due to their three distinct clusters, each catering to different playstyles. They have a PvP Cluster for those who enjoy playing against human opponents, but they also have two PvE clusters that are very distinct from each other.

The Primal Fear PvE and the Omega PvE clusters have distinct settings and servers, which is how they managed to appeal to players seeking different kinds of challenges.

Arkade Online

Arkade Online

This team runs two different kinds of PvE Clusters. The first one, the PvE Legacy Cluster, has slight booster rates and a bunch of mods meant to improve the player’s experience. They use NA and EU maps and have been running for the past five years with a very active community.

Their other cluster, the PvE Survival Cluster, resets every few months and is meant to provide a much more complex environment to players who crave memorable challenges. Each time they reset the servers, the survival conditions are changed to keep the experience fresh.

South Division

South Division

If you’re in Europe, South Division operates server clusters based in Spain for both Spanish and English speakers. They offer both PvP and PvE servers featuring all core maps and maintain a reasonably consistent population. Their community remains active on Discord.

While these server clusters may not be the best choice for those located far from Europe due to potential lag issues, they are an excellent and reliable option for those nearby.

Chaos Gaming

Chaos Gaming

Chaos Gaming is a large community with its own website, discord server, and game servers. Although they are not exclusively about Ark, they do have several Ark servers that are fine-tuned to ease new players into the game by automatically setting them to PvE during their first 48 hours.

They use mods for PvP and PvE balance, have an Offline Raid Protection that progressively buffs your turrets and structures when you’re offline, and do not authorize alliances in their servers.

- This article was updated on October 16th, 2023

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