Best Ark: Survival Evolved Maps

Did your favorite make the list?

by Christian Bognar


Ark: Survival Evolved is a vast game that came from humble beginnings and soon blew up into a project that garnered a massive fanbase. There have been 12 DLCs for the beloved game, each giving us its unique personality. With new maps being introduced and taking us to new scenes and environments, we decided to look at which ones were the best. Here are our picks for the top five Ark: Survival Evolved maps that are breathtaking.

Best Ark: Survival Evolved Maps

5. Scorched Earth

Despite being one of the more challenging maps to start, there is much to applaud for on this map as it adds the type of challenge players want to see in a survival game. Scorched Earth throws players into a well-thought-out weather system, deadly heat waves, and base-ruining electrical storms.

This map needs many strategies to survive the night, making it the perfect location for those wanting to practice inventory management. For the players who want a hardcore challenge, Scorched Earth should be your go-to map as it is the most difficult of all the maps on this list. You will be rewarded for your troubles with some of the best loot in the game.

4. Crystal Aisles

Cramming as much variety as the developers could, this map has everything you want and more. Molding many maps that came before it into mini biomes and unique looming aisles adds to the stunning and colorful look that this is aiming for.

The size is also extraordinary, with a vast range of base locations, so there is never a dull moment when exploring and discovering something new. Players can even scuba into the water to find out what lies below the ocean depths. You’ll encounter creatures, honey bees, elemental items, and much more throughout your journey on this island.

3. Arberration

Aberration, without question, is a fan favorite. Set within a dreary and dark location with danger lurking around every corner, this was the horror-filled map that players had wanted for quite some time. There are enemies here that are constantly respawning, adding the perfect gameplay loop that provides challenge and a level of fun that you can’t otherwise get on other maps in ARK.

Developers introduced new approaches to builds and elemental farming in this map and all the metal farming you will ever need. Additionally, this map includes one of the best monsters in the game, the Reapers.

2. Ragnarok

Another map that blends past maps before it into one is the perfect spot for explorers. The scenery replicates the natural world in a way that genuinely creates an authentic experience. Ragnarok boasts resource-affluent areas and many fantastic base locations that are certainly a go-to for high-level wilds, considering the respawn rate is higher than the majority of places currently available.

This map is also home to one of the greatest monsters in the game, the Griffin, spawning in the most beautiful part of the map in the Canyons. So many different terrains are here to see, from a snowfield to a desert area and even highlands with a Scotland feel. This is the map you are looking for those who want the best scenic views. Make sure you bring your Mjolnir to fit the vibe!

1. Lost Island

This map takes players and journeys them back through time to an area closest to what the original map looked like while providing new features never seen before. Lost Island is one of the most extensive maps to date and provides players with the genuine feeling of being lost, hence the map’s name.

The level of mystery is high here as you progress through the woods and wonder what is lurking behind each collection of trees, and then always being rewarded adequately for your curiosity. It is the perfect blend of both old and new, and we love it. Besides, there are balanced creatures across the board and brand-new creatures with armor and tech in their arsenal.

These maps offer so much variety and ways to escape to worlds we have never seen before. This game has done flawlessly with the map design, and hopefully, the developers will continue this level of work in Ark 2 when it finally releases.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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