Best Ark Survival Ascended Graphics Settings: Boost FPS and Performance

Use these settings to improve FPS and performance in Ark: Survival Ascended.

by Christian Bognar
Ark Survival Locations
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Ark remaster is created through the new Unreal Engine 5, showcasing beautiful graphics from the ground up. You can make the overall game look even better with the best settings for performance and FPS in Ark: Survival Ascended.

What Are the Best Settings for FPS and Performance in Ark: Survival Ascended?

The settings in this guide aim to increase the FPS by 40%, leading to better overall performance. Here are the best settings for FPS and performance in Ark: Survival Ascended.

Best General Video Settings

Changing the settings to increase performance and FPS is easy for Ark: Survival Ascended, as all you need to focus on is the video settings found in the “General” section. It takes two seconds to complete, and we have them all listed below.

  • Resolution: Native
  • Window Mode: Fullscreen
  • Graphics Presets: Medium
  • Advanced Graphics: Medium
  • View Distance: Medium
  • Textures: Epic
  • Post Processing: Medium
  • General Shadows: Low
  • Global Illumination Quality: Medium
  • Effects Quality: Medium
  • Foliage Quality: Medium
  • Max Frame Rate: 60 unlocked
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Light Bloom: Off
  • Light Shafts: Off
  • Low-Light Enhancement: Off
  • Enable Foliage and Fluid Interaction: Off
  • Foliage Interaction Distance Multiplier: 2
  • Foliage Interaction Distance Limit: 15
  • Foliage Interaction Quantity Limit: 1
  • Enable Footstep Particles: Off
  • Enable Footstep Decals: On
  • GUI 3D Widget Quality: 0.5

Once completed, you’ll notice an improvement immediately when you head back into the game world. Textures are clearer, vision is improved, and the game also runs more fluidly than before.

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Best General RTX Settings

For RTX settings, this should only be used if you have an RTX card. If you don’t have an RTX card, then just complete the previous section, and you are good to go!

RTX users, here are the best settings for performance and FPS:

  • Nividia DLSS: On
  • Frame Generation: On
  • Super Resolutions: Quality

Now that you know the best settings for performance and FPS, take some time to read our single-player settings guide. It will walk you through the best settings for a solo experience in Ark: Survival Ascended, allowing the game to be more accessible while not becoming too easy.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2023

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