Best Armor Trim Designs in Minecraft

Are you trying to get the best Armor Trim Designs in Minecraft?

by Gordon Bicker
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Minecraft has a variety of base Armor Trims for you to choose from and this means deciding which are the best to use can be a difficult task. We have you covered with a list of Armor Trims that in our opinion are some of the greatest around. Without further ado, here are the best armor trim designs in Minecraft you can add to your collection.

All of the Best Minecraft Armor Trims

Eye Armor Trim Design

If you want to showcase your love of ender portals and the eye of enders themselves then you won’t have to look any further than the Eye Armor trim design. This has the symbol of the Eye of Ender on the chest plate. Players can find the Trim Design spawning in the Stronghold chests, it will take you some time to reach the Trim but it is worth the hunt.

Wild Armor Trim Design

The Wild Trim Design is best created with the emerald ore since you will get a lovely green coloring on the trim which blends well with overall armor. We think this particular armor trim gives off vibes of a piece of Halo armor so it is extremely interesting. If you are looking for the Trim you have a chance of finding it in Jungle Temples within any chests you come across inside.

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Rib Armor Trim Design

Skeletons are well-known in the Minecraft community, considering that you have to face off against them most nights. The Rib Armor Trim Design has horizontal lines striking out into the armor from the sides and builds up the appearance of (you guessed it) ribs. It is a brilliant Trim Design and can be found in the Nether Fortress chests.

Ward Armor Trim Design

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When we saw the Ward armor trim for the first time we knew that it would be beneficial for any knightly pursuits planned. If you are looking for an armor trim that feels medieval then the Ward Armor Trim Design can be that for you. The hunt for the armor trim will take place in the Ancient City where you will be looking through chests for the chance of finding it.

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Silence Armor Trim Design

The Silence Armor Trim has a daunting name but that name will no doubt make sense when you see the trim for the first time — you will likely be in a silence of awe and wonder. The lining of the trim itself runs quite closely along what would be your character’s main skeletal structure. If you are looking to acquire this trim you will again have to visit the Ancient City and try to find it in chests.

Vex Armor Trim Design

Out of every Trim on this list, the Vex Armor Trim is one of the most unique and it will draw attention anywhere you go with friends. The main trim runs directly down the center of your character with the chest and the legs. It almost acts like a robe and the head still gets a suitable design at the top, we would highly recommend this Trim. You can find this design in the Woodland Mansion chests.

Shaper Armor Trim Design

The Shaper Trim is a little more on the minimalistic side but this is what makes it just so brilliant. There is still complexity to the overall Trim lining but it doesn’t feel overbearing in any way for your character. The Shaper Trim can be found (by chance) via the Trail Ruins and by brushing any Suspicious Gravel you come across.

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Spire Armor Trim Design

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

As for the Spire Armor Trim, you can be kitted out in a racing checkerboard-like pattern if you so wish with the trim. Tight-together squares will be visible on your arms and legs so it adds some flair to the overall design of this Trim. In order to find the Spire Armor Trim, we would recommend having higher protection armor on since you will have to travel to the End City and try and get it from chests there.

Wayfinder Armor Trim Design

Adding to the best Armor Trim Designs in Minecraft is the Wayfinder Armor Trim. It almost appears to create eye-like shapes on the helmet but for the main chest plate, there are still intriguing patterns to follow. You will need to find this Armor Trim by brushing Suspicious Gravel again in any Trail Ruins you find yourself within.

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Tide Armor Trim Design

Ah the tide, everyone enjoys a sit down by the beach to watch the tide come in but with this Trim Design, you can feel rewarded when you get the main smithing template. Since you will have to find and defeat an Elder Guardian around Ocean Monuments for the chance of getting the Tide Armor Trim Design, there is a much more challenging task in store. This pays off fully though because of the beautiful design.

Now that you know all of the best armor trim designs in Minecraft to acquire, you can get back into the game and begin seeking all of these out. Once you have the Smithing Template for each trim, you can use the Smithing table to add an ingot/ingredient (such as gold) and the armor to which you want the trim applied. We know that you will look highly stylish with any of these trims equipped, no matter which color you decide to choose for the main trim.

- This article was updated on June 13th, 2023

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