Best Beginning Necklace in Forspoken

Everybody knows that the necklace defines a good or bad sorceress.

by Noah Nelson

Forspoken has many accessory options that make you look great and perform well in battle. One of these core accessories is the necklace. As silly as it sounds, if you want to be successful in battle, you need a great necklace. There are many necklaces scattered around Athia but if you are looking for the best early-game necklace in Forspoken, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Early-Game Necklace in Forspoken

After doing the four things you need to do as soon as possible in Forspoken, you are ready to hunt for the best necklace. The best early-game necklace can be found when the open world finally becomes available. To get it, head east.

To get Orison, the best early-game necklace in Forspoken, you need to clear out the enemies in The Campground. If you open your map, you’ll see this activity by looking for the icon with the footprints. Once you do that, you’ll get Orison.

Orison is the best early-game necklace since it increases your magical prowess and defense as well as triggers an auto-heal effect when an enemy is defeated. This is an incredibly useful buff that can be applied to other necklaces at a crafting table. However, until you unlock better necklaces, this early-game necklace is your best option.

Though Orison can carry you through the game depending on your difficulty level, you’ll want to upgrade your gear as you progress through the game. To continue unlocking the best necklaces in Forspoken, complete the scouting activities, Locked Labyrinths, and Detours. All of the open-world activities that reward necklaces will so indicate on the map.

With the best necklace unlocked and equipped, you can now head over to the Locked Labyrinth: East for the best early-game cloak. After that, you can focus on upgrading your nails by searching for the best beginning patterns to get. Wherever you go next, you can take comfort in knowing you have the best necklace so far.

Forspoken is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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