All Forspoken Difficulty Levels, Explained

Picking a difficulty can be difficult.

by Noah Nelson

Though Forspoken doesn’t have any difficulty trophies, if you want to enjoy the game in your own way, you’ll most likely need help figuring out which difficulty to pick. This is because one, the difficulty option is one of the first decisions you need to make, and two, the difficulty options in Forspoken are vague and confusing. But that’s why you have us.

Which Difficulty Option Should I Choose in Forspoken?

Since there are no standard “easy, normal, and hard” modes initially like most other games have, picking a difficulty level in Forspoken can be… well, difficult. Because the core difficulty options in Forspoken are vague, your best option is to pick the difficulty level that appeals to you and then fine-tune it in the settings later. Focus on the Story is basically easy mode, Explore the Open World is your normal mode, and Take Part in the Challenging Battles is hard mode.

The difficulty options at the beginning of the game are as follows:

  • Focus on the Story – Recommended for players who just want to enjoy watching the game’s narrative unfold.
  • Explore the Open World – Recommended for players who want to visit every corner of the game world.
  • Take Part in Challenging Battles – Recommended for players who are Used to playing action games. Default – Recommended for players who want to enjoy a balance of all gameplay elements.

If you are struggling to decide, just pick one and start the game. You’ll immediately be able to change the game’s difficulty between easy, normal, and hard in the game’s settings once you begin.

To really set the difficulty setting for yourself, you’ll need to go to the Gameplay Balance tab in Settings. Here, you can toggle how much damage you receive from enemies, how quick your stamina speed is, and much more.

In Settings, you’ll see that you can change the difficulty in Forspoken from easy, normal, or hard. From there, the difficulty options become more granular which allows you to customize your own personal experience with Forspoken.

Hopefully, this difficulty guide helped you out. Next, you can check out the file size of Forspoken.

Forspoken is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.