Forspoken File Size: How Many GB is Forspoken?

Make room for a big adventure.

by Noah Nelson

As you may have already gotten a taste in the demo, Forspoken is a big game with a lot to do and a lot to see. If you’ve already pre-ordered the game and are curious to know how much room you need to make on your platform to fit Forspoken, you’ve come to the right place. Here is your answer.

Forspoken File Size, Explained

For those playing on PlayStation 5, the file size of Forspoken is around 87GB. As a comparison, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which had a similarly large open world, required 144GB at first but slimmed down in recent updates to around 77GB. With this in mind, the GBs asked from Forspoken aren’t much.

However, after looking at the PC requirements for Forspoken, you’ll see that this is a different story. Whether you can run Forspoken at the minimum, recommended, or ultra settings, the PC file size asks for around 150GB.

We aren’t sure exactly why the PC version of Forspoken needs so much more GB than the console versions, but our guess is that the PlayStation 5 has technologies that make files smaller. Since every PC is created differently and all PlayStation 5’s are basically the same, the most logical conclusion is that the PlayStation 5 uses smart data compression to store the same game at a smaller GB requirement.

Though there is no way of knowing how many GBs will be required of Xbox if (or when) Forspoken ports over to that console, you can take comfort in knowing that Forspoken, while pretty big, doesn’t require too much GB… if you’re on PlayStation 5. If you’re on PC, you better start removing some games from your Steam library to make room. Alternatively, you could always try running Forspoken on the Steam Deck.

Forspoken will release on PlayStation 5 and PC on January 24, 2023.

- This article was updated on January 21st, 2023

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