All Forspoken Pre-Order Bonuses, Explained

What magical pre-order bonuses does Forspoken have?

by Noah Nelson

Forspoken is nearly here and, if you’ve played the demo and liked it, you’ll naturally want to pre-order the game. If that is you, then you’re in luck because pre-ordering Forspoken will get you some great rewards. Here are all of the bonuses you’ll get from pre-ordering Forspoken.

Forspoken PC Pre-Order Bonuses

If you are a PC player, you can pre-order Forspoken now on Epic Games Store or Steam for $59.99. If you choose to pre-order the game, you’ll receive these bonuses:

  • Elite Cloak
  • Spectra Combo Necklace
  • Overclock Nails

These three items aren’t merely cosmetic options for Frey in Fospoken. Instead, the cloak, necklace, and yes, nails, are the ways in which Frey’s magical abilities can be altered for different playstyles. Think of these items as armor in other games. The ways in which a different breastplate in God of War Ragnarok changes your stats and bonuses apply to Frey’s cloak, necklace, and nails.

Forspoken PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Bonuses

Similar to PC players, PlayStation 5 players get specific armor unlocks if they pre-order Forspoken. Of course, since it is a current-gen game, it will cost $69.99. Here are the PlayStation 5 Forspoken pre-order bonuses:

  • No Limits Cloak
  • Symbol Combo Necklace
  • Trigger Happy Nails
  • Crafting Starter Kit

Interestingly, the PlayStation 5 pre-order comes with a Crafting Starter Kit which the PC pre-order doesn’t get. It is also worth mentioning that both the official PC and PlayStation pre-order info states that the bonuses in the pre-order may be available for purchase at a later date.

And those are all of the pre-order bonuses for Forspoken. The choice is yours — will you choose to pre-order Forspoken on PlayStation 5, PC, or not at all? Whatever you decide, we hope this Forspoken pre-order guide was helpful. Check in with us for more Forspoken news and coverage.

Forspoken will release on PlayStation 5 and PC on January 24, 2023.

- This article was updated on January 4th, 2023

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