4 Things You Need to Do Before Starting Forspoken

Do these things before you press play!

by Noah Nelson

Forspoken is a solid game but if you don’t make these four changes before starting your journey, you’ll regret it. These four things we highly recommend doing before hopping headfirst into Athia will greatly improve your overall enjoyment of Forspoken. Trust us.

Remap the Magic Attacks

The first thing you’ll want to do before starting Forspoken is remap the magic attacks. Especially if you are on PlayStation 5, the main magic attack button is L2 which can get very tiring even with adaptive triggers turned off. We highly recommend you change the magic attack button from L2 to L1 and the magic select wheel from R2 to R1.

Thankfully, Forspoken has button remapping options on PlayStation and PC. Unfortunately, the placement of the magic attacks out of the box begins to feel miserable very quickly. To remap the controls, simply open the Settings menu and navigate to where the controller reconfiguration is. You can thank me later.

Adjust Your Difficulty

Though you’ll need to pick a generic, vague difficulty setting when the game starts, you will most likely want to adjust the difficulty as soon as the game starts. The difficulty options are confusing at first, so you’ll need to open the Settings menu and select a more recognizable difficulty setting: easy, normal, or hard.

If you want to get more granular with the difficulty setting, you can. You can adjust how much damage you do and take, how much health enemies have, and much more. The choice is yours.

Turn On Auto-Gathering

Games that require you to press a button to pick up an item which takes time away from exploring and having fun make a fatal mistake. Luckily, Forspoken has an auto-gathering option. And you’re gonna want to put that on immediately.

To enable auto-gathering in Forspoken, open the Settings menu and go to the Accessibility section. You’ll find an auto-gathering option there.

Turn On Subtitles

Lastly, you’ll want to turn subtitles on in Forspoken. Whether you do or don’t like subtitles, this game benefits from having them on because of the loud audio effects from the magic and enemies as well as the music. Also, since almost every character has an accent, having subtitles on will definitely help you understand what everyone is saying.

As good as the music is in Forspoken, it can be pretty overpowering when you are trying to listen to the dialogue during important moments. Instead of lowering the incredible music, turn on subtitles by visiting the Settings menu.

With these four improvements enabled, you are ready to start enjoying Forspoken. Just make sure you have enough storage space for the Forspoken file size.

Forspoken is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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