Best Claw Blade Build in Wild Hearts

This Claw Blade build will have you taking down even the strongest Kemono.

by Christian Bognar
Wild Hearts Best Claw Blade
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

So you chose your favorite weapon in Wild Hearts, which turns out to be the Claw Blade. Your next goal is to create the best Claw Blade build that will give you the highest chance against all the games Kemono’s. While creating a build comes down to playstyles, there is no doubt that some routes on the skill tree provide you with better buffs and damage output. Here is the best Claw Blade build.

Strongest Claw Blade Build in Wild Hearts

Claw Blade is about staying airborne while tethered to the Kemono you are hunting. This will allow you to rain down attacks while remaining attached to the beast, which also helps with dodging. Follow the recommendations below to maximize your Claw Blade potential.

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  • Sable Mara Mengu (Kemono-Path)
  • Garuda Uwagi (Kemono-Path)
  • Garuda Gauntlets
  • Cut-Throat Kusazuri
  • Wayward Brigand Boots (Kemono-Path)

These armor sets provide helpful buffs that will have you dealing more damage. For example, the Sable Mara Mengu helmet will grant you Deaf Ears, allowing you to continue to deal damage during the roar of a Kemono, which usually stuns. Then there is the Desperation perk on the Garuda Gauntlets, which increases the weapons damage output at the expense of receiving more damage.


  • Minakatomi

The Minakatomi is the end-game weapon needed for the best Claw Blade build. This is located on the right side of the Claw Blade weapon tree, meaning awakening slots on the right-hand side will be the quickest route to finally acquiring the Minakatomi. Don’t worry; the path along the way also has strong weapons.

Minakatomi has overall severe damage and can be considered one of the best weapons in the game, especially if the right skills are inherited with it down the weapon tree. Inherit skills that focus on damage primarily.


Talisman comes down to preference and depends on the type of Kemono you are hunting. Make sure to use Talismans that help with elemental defense, and also use Talismans that can increase your attack damage or help with health recovery. These three points will be most important for Claw Blade Build.

- This article was updated on March 1st, 2023