Best Connie Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Abilities, Stats, and Attributes

This might fit in the door. Here is the best Connie build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

by Drew Kopp
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Connie Taylor is widely regarded as the best Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and she’ll be even better if you play into her strengths with the right Perks and Attribute upgrades. This guide is here to show you the best build for Connie, so keep reading if you want to know how to make this auburn-haired tomboy the absolute bane of the Slaughter Family.

As with every other character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, crafting a good build for Connie requires you to select the right combination of Skills, Perks, and Attribute expansions, and cultivating this collection of talents is easy if you know the right path of progression to take her down.

The Best Loadout for Connie in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Connie is tied with Ana Flores as my most-played Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I usually play her if another player hasn’t claimed her already. Connie’s greatest strength is her exceptionally high Proficiency stat, which allows her to unlock doors, forage for items, and turn on/turn off machinery faster than any other Victim. This build is centered on making the most out of Connie’s mechanical know-how while doing what we can to accommodate her shortcomings.

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Best Connie Skill Tree Path in TCSM

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Once you’ve started Connie’s Skill Tree, you’ll want to head straight up to get up and get Lucky Lockpicker. Keep going up until you reach another branching t-junction, then hook left.

Continue left to pick up the Bomb Squad Perk, and you’ll eventually find yourself heading up again after you’ve gotten Sneaky Pete. Keep ascending until you hit another fork in the road, then turn left to get Pick on Me. From there on, you’ll only be able to head up and to the left to get Cover Recovery and Choose Flight. You can also take a slight downward detail to get Saboteur.

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Best Connie Focused Upgrades in TCSM

  • Level 1 — Quicker Recharge Time I
  • Level 2 — Quicker Recharge Time II
  • Level 3 — No Stamina Cost

Focused allows Connie to unlock doors almost instantly for a short time, so you’ll want to pick upgrades that lower the ability’s cooldown time. Quicker Recharge Time I and Quicker Recharge Time II will cut the time it takes for Focused to recharge to 200 seconds, which will pass in the blink of an eye as you’re running from the Family.

While you might be tempted to pick up Quicker Recharge Time III once you reach Level 3, you should pick No Stamina Cost. This self-explanatory upgrade eliminates the Stamina debuff you usually get while using Focused. This can be an absolute lifesaver when you need to unlock a door while a Family member is on your tail.

Best Connie Perks in TCSM

Image: Attack of the Fanboy
  • Tool Tracks
  • Lucky Lockpicker
  • Pick On Me

Tool Tracks is excellent for Connie since it highlights where every toolbox in the basement is for a few seconds at the start of the round. Connie is all about picking locks, and knowing where you can get lockpicks right off the bat can result in you escaping the basement in under a minute with tools to spare.

Lucky Lockpicker gives you a 30% chance of keeping a lockpick the first time you unlock a door in a round and upgrades to 40% and 50% at Levels 2 and 3. Lockpicks are used to open a good portion of the doors aboveground, so having even a slim chance of keeping the one you use to escape the basement is extremely helpful.

Last but not least is Pick on Me, an incredible supportive Perk that highlights the door or exit you are trying to open for all other victims to see. This applies to all exits in the game, so your teammates will always know what avenue of escape is about to be available to them and where they need to go to reach it.

Best Connie Attribute Point Allocation in TCSM

  • 30 Toughness
  • 40 Endurance
  • 15 Strength
  • 45 Proficiency
  • 30 Stealth

Enhancing Connie’s Proficiency will enable her to gather lockpicks and unlock doors in seconds, setting up an incredibly satisfying gameplay loop that allows her to do what she’s best at without stopping for anything. That said, you shouldn’t put all your skill points into Proficiency, and 45 is a good enough number to stop at.

Your remaining points should be put into Toughness and Endurance since these will help Connie withstand hits from Family members and have enough Stamina to escape if she gets caught in a chase.

Now that you’ve built the ultimate Connie that can escape a property in seconds flat, you might want to check out our guide on the best Leatherface build so you can create a killer that can stop her dead in her tracks. After all, there’d be no “massacre” in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre if the Victims get away every time, right?

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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