The Best Dan Heng DPS Build In Honkai: Star Rail | Best Light Cones, Relics, and Team Compositions

Bring out the full might of the wielder of the Cloud Piercer!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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The first single-target DPS players will get access to in Honkai: Star Rail, Dan Heng is also one of the game’s best given his ability to excel in a multitude of scenarios. But how should you build him? Now, here’s how to build Dan Heng as a top-tier DPS in Honkai: Star Rail.

The Best Dan Heng DPS Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Best Relics and Planar Ornaments

Given the fact that as a follower of The Hunt, Dan Heng has a kit tailor-made for 1v1 scenarios, as well as the fact that his biggest strength lies in his ability to slow enemies and then deal increased Ultimate and Basic ATK damage to them, the best set for him will be a 4-piece Eagle of Twilight Line.

The set will be the best option for Dan Heng as it will increase his Wind DMG by 10% while also allowing him to act faster after performing his Ultimate.

Planar Ornament-wise, we recommend that you go for Inert Salsotto. The set is our main choice as it will increase his CRIT Rate by 8%, which is a must for Dan Heng, while also increasing his Ultimate Attack DMG by 15% if his CRIT Rate value surpasses 50%.

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Recommended Stats and Substats

As a member of the Hunt, CRIT Rate/DMG is a must for Dan Heng. We also highly recommend that you go for ATK%, Speed, and Wind Damage among the main stats.

You can check out the best stats for each Relic and Planar Ornament piece, below:

  • Head: HP%
  • Hands: ATK%
  • Body: CRIT Rate% / CRIT DMG (Try to get as close to 70+% Rate/100+% DMG as possible).
  • Feet: Speed / ATK%
  • Planar Sphere: Wind Damage
  • Link Rope: ATK%

Substat-wise, we recommend that you focus on CRIT DMG, Rate, and Speed/ATK (the latter will depend on your Light Cone of choice).

The Best Light Cones for Dan Heng

The Best Light Cones for Dan Hang will be either Seele’s signature In the Night or Cruising in the Stellar Sea. In the Night will increase his CRIT Rate by 18%. The set will also increase his Basic Attack/Skill damage by 6%, as well as his CRIT DMG and Ultimate damage by 12% for every 10 Speed points exceeding 100 (A1). The buff can stack up to 6 times.

Cruising in the Stellar Sea will offer an increase in CRIT Rate (8%). While using the set, Dan Heng’s CRIT Rate will also be increased by another 8% if the target’s HP is lower than 50% (A1). After defeating an enemy, the Light Cone will also increase Dan Heng’s ATK% by 20% for 3 turns.

Using Sleep Like the Dead can also work great for its ability to provide Dan Heng with a great amount of CRIT DMG (30%).

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Best 4-star Ligh Cone for Dan Heng

If none of the 5-star Cones is an option for you, our main pick would be Dan Heng’s Only Silence Remains. The Light Cone will increase his ATK% by 16% as well as his CRIT Rate by 12% when facing two enemies or fewer.

To recap, here are the best Light Cones for Dan Heng:

  • Best Overall: In the Night (5-star)
  • 5-star Alternatives: Cruising in the Stellar Sea (5-star) / Sleep Like the Dead (5-star)
  • 4-star Alternative: Only Silence Remains (4-star)

Best Team Compositions

Like all followers of the Hunt path, Dan Heng is a unit who can work as a joker on any composition, given his single target focus and adaptability.

With that said, we recommend that you use him as a second DPS on your teams, which are also recommended to feature a healer (like Natasha), an offensive support/buffer or debuffer (ideally Bronya), and an AoE DPS.

- This article was updated on April 25th, 2023

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