Honkai Star Rail: All Combat Types and Paths, Explained

Here's how to take advantage of your enemy's weaknesses.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering what all combat types and paths in Honkai: Star Rail are so you know what to use and when? Combat Types and Paths can empower your characters and make them extremely dangerous. However, it is essential to know how they work and the right situation to use them to maximize your characters’ potency. Here is everything you need to know about Combat Types and Paths in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Combat Types and Paths in Honkai: Star Rail Explained


To understand how Combat Types work, you must first understand how Weakness Break works since it is the core component. You can achieve a Weakness Break by depleting an enemy’s Toughness to zero, which you can do by using the same Type of attack as the enemy’s Weakness. The Weakness Break will cause the enemy to take more DMG and delay their action once triggered in addition to the below Combat Type effects.

When in combat, you can see an enemy’s weakness by looking for the associate Combat Type symbol above their name. All you need to do is match the symbol of your characters’ attacks to this symbol to exploit their weaknesses. The enemy weakness symbols have been marked in the picture above.

Combat Types

There are currently seven Combat Types in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Ice: Using Ice attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Ice DMG and Freeze the Target, immobilizing the enemy and dealing Additional Ice DMG.
  • Physical: Using Physical attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Physical DMG and apply the Bleed effect, dealing Physical DoT.
  • Fire: Use Fire attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Fire DMG and apply the Burn effect, dealing Fire DoT.
  • Lightning: Using Lighting attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Lightning DMG and apply the Shock effect, dealing Lightning DoT.
  • Wind: Using Wind attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Wind DMG and apply the Wind Shear effect, dealing Wind DoT.
  • Quantum: Using Quantum attacks to inflict Weakness Break will deal Quantum DMG and cause Entanglement, delaying the enemy’s action and dealing Additional Quantum DMG to the affected enemy at the start of the next turn. When the enemy is hit, this extra DMG will increase.
  • Imaginary: When using an Imaginary attack to inflict Weakness Break on target enemy, the attack will deal Imaginary DMG and additionally inflicts Imprisonment. Imprisoned enemies suffer from delayed actions and SPD reduction.

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There are currently seven Paths in Honkai: Star Rail that you can use for your characters:

  • Preservation: Possesses powerful defensive abilities to protect allies in various ways.
  • Destruction: Deals outstanding amounts of damage and possesses excellent survivability. Suitable for various combat scenarios.
  • The Hunt: Deals extraordinary amounts of single-target damage—the primary damage dealer against Elite Enemies.
  • Erudition: Deals remarkable amounts of multi-target damage—the primary damage dealer against groups of enemies.
  • Harmony: Applies buffs to allies to improve the team’s combat capacities.
  • Nihility: Applies debuffs to enemies to reduce their combat capacities.
  • Abundance: Heals allies and restores HP to the team.

Using the right combination of Combat Types and Paths is extremely important to building a successful team based on the situation you find yourself in. Don’t be afraid to experiment when possible.

- This article was updated on April 25th, 2023

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