Best Fallout 76 Builds: Solo, Stealth, Sniper, Melee, and More

There are many different builds in this game, but some are better than others.

by Davi Braid
Image: Bethesda

This is the guide you need if you’re looking for the best Fallout 76 builds for solo players, stealthy snipers, melee enthusiasts, and more. 

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Each build is designed with a unique focus, from adaptability and crafting ammunition to high damage and durability, offering a range of options for every Fallout 76 player!

Top Fallout 76 Builds

Image: Bethesda

The Solo Gunslinger

For those who prefer agility and adaptability in Fallout 76, this build is a prime choice. It’s one of my favorites due to how it is centered around the use of light armor and pistols. While it allows for the use of a wide range of equipment, the focus remains on light weaponry.

Special AttributePerk Points
StrengthGladiator 3, Incisor 3, Pack Rat 3, Strong Back 4, Study Frame 2
PerceptionExpert Picklock 1, Green Thumb 1, Master Picklock 1, Picklock 1
EnduranceRejuvenated 1
CharismaHard Bargain 3, Lone Wanderer 4
IntelligenceChemist 1, Demolition Expert 1
AgilityAmmosmith 2, Escape Artist 1
LuckBloody Mess 3, Scrounger 3

The Solo Rifleman

If you’re looking for a build that offers flexibility and a balance between damage and survivability, this build is a great choice and one of the greatest Fallout 76 builds. It’s designed for players who prefer a tactical approach to combat, with a focus on stealth and ranged attacks.

StrengthArms Keeper 3, Bandolier 2, Traveling Pharmacy 3
PerceptionConcentrated Fire 3, Expert Rifleman 3, Master Rifleman 3, Rifleman 3, Tank Killer 3
EnduranceChem Fiend 3, Chem Resistant 2
CharismaInspirational 3, Strange in Numbers 1
IntelligenceDemolition Expert 5, Nerd Rage! 3, Portable Power 3, Scrapper 1
AgilityAction Boy 3, Adrenaline 5, Covert Operative 3, Escape Artist 1, Mister Sandman 2, Sneak 3
LuckBetter Criticals 3, Class Freak 3, Critical Savvy 3, Starched Genes 2

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The Stealth Sniper

This sniper build is a great choice for players who enjoy a tactical and stealthy approach in Fallout 76. This build is designed to maximize damage while remaining undetected, making it perfect for solo players and also for those who prefer a more strategic playstyle. It also works for players like myself, who just want to stay as far from dangerous creatures as possible. You can easily farm honey beasts safely as a stealthy sniper.

StrengthBandolier 2, Pack Rat, Strong Back 4
PerceptionConcentrated Fire 3, Expert Rifleman 3, Master Rifleman 3, Rifleman 3, Tank Killer 3
EnduranceDromedary 1, Ironclad 3, Slow Metabolizer 1
CharismaLone Wanderer 4, Tenderizer 3
IntelligenceBatteries Included 3, Demolition Expert 3
AgilityAction Boy 3, Expert Gunslinger 2, Gunslinger 2, Master Gunslinger 2, Sneak 3
LuckBetter Criticals 3, Bloody Mess 3, Class Freak 3, Good With Salt 3, Starched Genes 2

Power Armor Two-Handed Melee Build

This is the best choice for players who enjoy high damage and close combat in Fallout 76. This build is designed around the use of two-handed melee weapons, and it leverages the Power Armor for added protection and damage.

StrengthBlocker 3, Full Charge 2, Incisor 3, Martial Artist 3, Pain Train 3, Slugger 2
PerceptionGlow Sight 1
EnduranceFireproof 3, Lifegiver 3, Rejuvenated 2, Slow Metabolizer 2
CharismaField Surgeon 2, Suppressor 3, Tenderizer 3
IntelligenceBatteries Included 3, First Aid 3, Power Patcher 3
AgilityAction Boy 3, Adrenaline 5, Born Survivor 2, Dead Man Sprinting 2, Thru-Hiker 3
LuckClass Freak 3, Ricochet 3, Starched Genes 2

The Iron Gunner

This build is particularly effective for players who prefer to engage in combat with heavy guns and power armor. It is a top choice for players who prefer a more direct approach and is also one of the best Fallout 76 builds out there. This build is designed around the use of heavy guns and power armor, providing both high damage and durability.

StrengthBlocker 3, Expert Heavy Gunner 3, Heavy Gunner 3, Master Heavy Gunner 3
PerceptionGlow Sight 3
EnduranceFireproof 3, Lifegiver 4
CharismaField Surgeon 2, Lone Wanderer 4
IntelligenceFirst Aid 3, Gunsmith 5, Power User 3, Stabilized 3
AgilityAdrenaline 3
LuckBloody Mess 3, Class Freak 3, One Gun Army 3, Starched Genes 2

- This article was updated on January 12th, 2024

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