Best Fallout 76 Sniper Build | Weapons, Perks, and Stats

This is the best Sniper build in Fallout 76.

by Malik Hamza Rashid
Best Fallout 76 Sniper Build
Image: Bethesda

Looking to make your mark as the best sniper in Fallout 76? Well, you’ll need a reliable sniper. In this guide, we will walk you through how to construct the best sniper build in Fallout 76.

Best Weapon for Sniper Build 

Image: Bethesda

There are a bunch of different weapons that can make for an excellent sniper build. Here are a few options you can consider.

The Gauss Rifle 

The Gauss Rifle is easily the best pick for a killer sniper build. The rifle deals a mindblowing 140 base damage. The gun is chambered from 2mm EC rounds instead of the microfusion cells seen in Anchorage-era variants. You can also up the carnage by crafting different scopes. 

Here’s a breakdown of the weapon’s specs. 

  • Magazine Size – 5
  • Fire Rate – 67 RPM
  • Range – 204
  • Accuracy – 60

The Dragon

Alternatively, you can go with the Dragon, the non-automatic rifle with the highest DPS potential in the game. The lengthy reload time might be a deal breaker for some players but make no mistake. The Dragon can help you conquer foes in the wasteland and construct one of the best builds in Fallout 76

Here’s a breakdown of the weapon’s specs. 

  • Magazine Size – 1
  • Fire Rate – 1 RPM
  • Range – 228
  • Accuracy – 68

Best Stats for Sniper Build

Once you’ve received your first set of Perk cards in the game, do the smart thing and invest points in Perception, Agility, and Luck. While these three are the main ones, you should consider upping your points for other stats as well to shine as an excellent marksman. 

Here’s an idea of what kind of stat points you should be shooting for. 

Special StatNumber of Points

Best Legendary Effect for Sniper Build 

Image: Bethesda

Fallout 76 offers a bunch of different legendary effects but your best bet is to go with the Two Shot effect.  Although a one-star effect, the mod allows your gun to shoot an extra projectile, dealing more damage with a single pull of the trigger. Expect 25 percent extra recoil with the Two Shot effect. 

You can also go with two-star and three-star effects. One Shot and Boss Killer are good picks. One Shot allows you to deal +50% more damage. Meanwhile, the Boss Killer builds the critical meter +15% faster. You can go with Pure DPS if you want a faster reload, specifically +15%. 

Best Mutation for Sniper Build 

As a sniper, there’s only one mutation worth investing in and that’s Eagle Eyes. The mutation grants players +50% critical damage, and +4 Perception. However, strength takes a hint by -4. Still, Eagles Eyes is regarded as an all-around best utility. You can make it permanent by getting your hands on the Starched Genes Perk Card. 

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Best Perk Cards for Sniper Build 

When it comes to Perk Cards, there are quite a few that can level up your sniping game. They’ve been laid out below:

Perk CardSpecial StatUnlock LevelMinimum PointsBase Effect
Bloody MessLuck42115% Bonus Damage
Concentrated FirePerception21Target enemy limbs
Four Leaf CloverLuck291Increase chances of filling critical meter with each hit
SniperPerception281Hold your breath 75% longer while aiming scopes and improved control 
RiflemanPerception81+20% Damage on non-automatic rifles 

Once you’ve got the build down for the ultimate death machine, make sure to practice your aim so you can shine in the multiplayer mode

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023