Fallout 76 How to Get Mutations

Want a mutation in Fallout 76? Here's how to get one.

by Kyle Hanson

While mutations may not be the best thing to experience in the real world, the fictional world of Fallout has always played with these radioactive monstrosities in fun ways. Fallout 76 is not different, offering players a plethora of interesting and sometimes helpful mutations to gain for their character. Most are bad, of course, but sometimes evolution and science merge to form a new and better Wasteland wanderer. If you want to try them out for yourself we’re here to explain how to get mutations in Fallout 76.

Mutations in Fallout 76 are pretty similar to the real world, in that they’re caused by an overabundance of radiation. Of course, the West Virginia wasteland of the game has far more radiation in it than almost anywhere in our own, so finding some should be easy. The way mutations work is that they will randomly appear depending on your radiation level. With each 5 hp you lose to radiation (shown as red on the right side of your health bar) you have a chance of gaining a new mutation.

To trigger this you pretty much have to roll the dice with both your supplies and your character’s health. Find a good source of radiation, either some yellow barrels or large body of contaminated water. Stand near or in it and watch as you soak up that sweet, sweet radiation. As it seeps into your body, likely killing you from the inside, there’s a small chance you will mutate and gain some ability or perk, though it will also come with a sometimes hefty downside.

Try this enough, making sure to cure yourself with RadAway whenever your ventures fail, and eventually you’ll end up with a cool mutation you can hang onto for awhile. And that’s how to get mutations in Fallout 76. Sounds easy enough, but reality can be a pain thanks to the RNG nature of the mechanic.