12 Best Google Snake Mods

Are you on the lookout for Google Snake Mods?

by Gordon Bicker
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Google Snake has a vast array of mods which may be surprising to many who stumble across the game on their Google searches. GitHub is going to be your main source of contact for finding and installing the mods that are on offer to you by other users. This article will take you through some of the best Google Snake mods that you can use today — listed in no particular order.

Best Google Snake Mods to Install

12. Google Snake Dark Mode

For those who live life avoiding as many light modes as possible — which seems to be quite a few of you — Google Snake Dark Mode will have you sorted. This mod essentially allows you to just have a dark mode for the game. Nonetheless, you can also add custom colors to the game so there is some extra use for the mod.

11. Google Snake Time Keeper

Whenever you think of the word “competitive,” we wouldn’t be surprised if you thought of Google Snake. Even though that may not be the case, there still is a lot of value in keeping track of your best times and highest scores. The Google Snake Time Keeper mod will allow you to do that with this handy little addition that can save some time, quite literally.

10. Any Board Size for Google Snake

The size of the game’s board will ultimately determine how difficult your time is within a round. The Any Board Size mod will allow you to increase or decrease the board’s size to your own liking. In turn, it can add a difficulty increase or decrease to the overall game. This makes the mod essentially a difficulty selector.

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9. Death Screen Toggle Mod

This particular mod will simply allow you to turn the death screen off for the game. The Death Screen Toggle mod is great to have. Especially if you just want to get started over again with the snake as soon as possible after a death.

8. Google Snake Menu Mod

One of the most well-known Google Snake mods is the menu mod. This will give you a mod menu within Google Snake and there is a variety of content included. From custom fruit, game modes, and more; it is a perfect example of a mod developed excellently. It is extremely easy to spend a while playing through the game with this menu active and lose track of time.

7. Google Snake Skull Poison

If you are looking for a mod that is a lot of random fun, then the Skull Poison mod is brilliant. Whenever you eat a poison apple, you will see the effects of them in full force. It is enjoyable to avoid these apples as you are moving around the board.

6. Delete Stuff Mod for Google Snake

The “Delete Stuff” mod will let you remove parts of the game of your choosing. Whether you want to take some of the snake away or even different tiles of the background. It is nice to have for whenever you want to have some extra chaos in the game.

5. Mouse Mode for Google Snake

If you are looking for a brand-new way to experience Google Snake then Mouse Mode will allow you to have that. Instead of controlling the snake with your arrow or WASD keys, you control them with the mouse instead. It makes for chaotic gameplay but is equally fun and rewarding after collecting some of the apples.

4. Google Snake Pudding

Everyone tends to love some good pudding from time to time and now you can have some in Google Snake. The Pudding mod adds pudding as a form of food in the game for you to collect. This will be worth your time to activate if you want some extra food types.

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3. Google Snake Icons

Since most of the mods you will be using are from the “DarkSnakeGang” group, you may want a mod that helps organize things. The Google Snake Icons mod will keep each mod labeled with a particular icon allowing you to find whatever you are looking for better.

2. Input Counter for Google Snake

If you are wanting to add another layer of gameplay to Google Snake then the Input Counter will help out a lot. This will keep track of how many times you press a key. It can also give you the chance to create your own mini-game of trying to keep the input totals as low as possible per run.

1. Google Snake Mod Loader

The Mod Loader will give you a few mods all at once. For example, the menu mod is included in this collection. If you plan on setting it up, you may want to do so with this Mod loader. It will save some time in preparing some of the most popular mods to have in the game.

Now that you have a list of the best mods in Google Snake, begin getting busy with trying all of them out on this apple-eating day.

- This article was updated on March 27th, 2023

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