Best Level Up Bonuses for All Characters in Super Mario RPG

What stats should you choose when getting a Level Up in Super Mario RPG?

by Marc Magrini
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Players wishing to make their characters as strong as possible should know about the best bonuses to pick during a Level Up in Super Mario RPG.

In the original SNES title, players would find their party members to gain different bonuses during each level. The game followed a pattern that’s meant to have them select all stats one after the other, though the exact boosts aren’t made completely obvious. These bonuses were clarified in the Super Mario RPG remake, but some fans might still want to know when exactly they should pick each increase.

When to Pick the Best Level Up Bonuses in Super Mario RPG

Starting with the first Level Up, bonuses are granted to each stat in an order going from left to right. As an example, Mario’s bonuses start with +3 Magic Attack at level 2, +2 Physical Attack at level 3, and +4 HP at level 4. From there, it loops back to Magic, Physical, and HP up until he hits the level cap. The best stat to boost is the same at every level no matter who the character is, so at level 10, every character will choose HP as their bonus stat.

Since each character joins the party at different levels, they might not sync with Mario until later in the game. This is the order you should increase their stats in:

  • Mallow: Physical Attack (+3), HP (+6), Magic Attack (+2)
  • Geno: HP (+6), Magic Attack (+3), Physical Attack (+3)
  • Bowser: Physical Attack (+2), HP (+3), Magic Attack (+3)
  • Peach: HP (+9), Magic Attack (+3), Physical Attack (+3)

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Depending on your preferences, you might wish to ignore these bonuses entirely in favor of increased specialization. Boosting Geno’s or Mallow’s Magic Attack every time will give them some of the best damage in the game when using their special moves. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on taking down post-game bosses or searching for extra-tough secret foes. But even if you miss the best stat boosts, you shouldn’t have much trouble clearing the game’s main story anyway.

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2023

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