Is the Hidden Chest in Mushroom Castle Still Missable in the Super Mario RPG Remake?

Is this hidden block easier to obtain in the Super Mario RPG Remake?

by Marc Magrini
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The infamous hidden chest in Mushroom Castle was easily missable in Super Mario RPG, leading many to wonder if the game’s remake will retain that trait.

Throughout the title, players can find a number of hidden chests similar to invisible blocks from mainline Mario games. One of these chests is found in the Mushroom Castle, and unfortunately, players only had a select few moments where they could collect the item within. Today, fans might be wondering if that chest can still be so easily missed in the Super Mario RPG remake.

Is the Mushroom Castle Hidden Chest Still Missable in the Remake of Super Mario RPG?

In the original game, players could only access this chest very early on. It’s found in the first room of the Mushroom Castle on a ledge above the northeastern door. This ledge can only be reached by jumping on the head of a Toad or an enemy, and in both cases, it was easy to miss even if the player knew its location. Failing to reach the chest would lock players out of an extra Frog Coin, and any use of the Signal Ring in that area would do little more than tease them over a chest they could never get to again.

Luckily, according to a recent Famitsu article, this will no longer be the case. On top of giving players the Signal Ring much earlier in the game, allowing them to detect the chest’s presence beforehand, a new path to the hidden chest will be available. Players can expect an extra Toad nearby that will give them the boost they need to reach the aforementioned ledge. In other words, the hidden chest is no longer permanently missable in the remake.

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It’s unknown if the chest will still contain a Frog Coin, but farming more of those coins shouldn’t be too troublesome considering other quality-of-life changes found throughout the game. Even so, the ease of access now makes this chest’s minor reward much more suitable. There are far more interesting and rewarding secrets in Super Mario RPG, including a powerful secret boss. Don’t fret too much about getting this hidden chest, especially since there’s no more trouble in reaching it whenever you want.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2023

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