Best Mario Kart 8 Setups for 150cc, 100cc, and 50cc

Give these setups a try in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Nintendo

If you want to master the roads in Nintendo’s ultimate kart racer, knowing which setups to use in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will mean the difference between a victory or a crushing defeat. With so many Kart, Wheel, and Glider options available, some blow others out of the water, so finding out which to use is rather essential, especially if you’re planning on taking things online. While the Waluigi Wiggler is no longer the penultimate combo, there are still a few character combinations that blow the competition out of the water. Here are the best combos available in Mario Kart 8, depending on your class!

Best Karts and Characters For 150cc, 100cc & 50cc

No matter the class you play in, these characters and Kart combinations are guaranteed to help you make your way to the front of the pack. With a variety of different weights and character types, be sure to experiment before calling out your friends for the ultimate race-off.

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Fast & Furious Heavy Class For 150cc

  • Dry-Bowser-Mario-Kart-8
  • Dry-Bowser-Mario-Kart-8-Combination

There is a reason this particular combination is trusted by Time Trail masters around the globe. Equal parts fast and furious, combining the Mach 8 with Leaf Tires and the Cloud Glider will give you the speed you need, no matter the class you’re in. The extended spokes on the side of this cart will give you the chance to hang on edges while drifting so you can shave precious milliseconds off of your best times, and can also help you show off a little bit if you’re aiming to do just that.

The Best Mario Bro. For 100cc

  • Luigi-Mario-Kart-8
  • Luigi-Mario-Kart-8-Combination

This combination is a surefire way to continue claiming trophies, especially in the 100cc class. While the lack of acceleration may be bothersome to some players, the overall top speed will help you stay in the first place, no matter who you’re going up against. Combining the B Dasher with Slicks and the Plane Glider, you’ll find yourself pulling ahead of the competition no matter the track you’re on. It may take some time to get used to this combo, but it’s a great selection every time you pick it.

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Baby Peach Is So Sweet In 50cc

  • Baby-Peach-Mario-Kart-8
  • Baby-Peach-Mario-Kart-8-Combination

On the polar opposite end of the 100cc, Baby Peach is going to use her acceleration skills to master every course. While this may be one of the slowest combinations on the list, it’s also one of the most effective, especially if you have mastered Mini-Turbos. Using the Biddybuggy, Roller/Azure Roller, and Paper Glider, you’ll find yourself securing victory in every race. Slow and steady wins them, after all, and the combination here gives you the best Mini-Turbos in the game, allowing you to keep up or outpace some of the Heavy Racers, even without the highest Top Speed.

We Do A Little Trolling In All CC Classes With This Combo

  • Waluigi-Mario-Kart-8
  • Waluigi-Mario-Kart-8-Combination

If you’ve even remotely considered stepping foot online, the Waluigi Wiggler is something you’ve encountered before. An almost perfectly balanced setup, you’ll need to be on your best behavior when using this particular setup in any CC class, as it is quite dangerous when used properly. Combining the Wild Wiggler, Button/Roller/Azure Roller, and Waddle Wing, you’ll find that this is one of the most effective setups, even if it was nerfed a bit in the newest update. Swap Waluigi for either Link, Donkey Kong, or Roy if you don’t like seeing this purple menace on the track, and you’ll be scoring 1st place every time.

No matter the combination you choose, or if you decide to try something different than what we’ve brought to the table, you’ll find that Mario Kart 8 is so enjoyable that you may not even mind coming in something other than first place.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023