Best Mario Strikers Waluigi Build: Which Gear Should You Choose?

A setup that can help you climb up the ranks.

by Elliott Gatica


Waluigi, the wicked rival of Luigi and Wario’s partner in crime, may be considered to be one of the best characters in Mario Strikers Battle League. He’s got amazing Strength and Speed, making him both a speedster and a bruiser. Not to mention, his Technique stat is right at the midway point, adding so much versatility to his game plan. He’s a one-man army. But how do you make him even better? Here is the best build you can make for Waluigi in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Best Waluigi Build in Mario Strikers Battle League

The base version of Waluigi works wonders, but if you want to optimize his three strengths, try this build.

  • Trick Helmet: Technique +2, Passing -2
  • Muscle Gauntlets: Strength +2, Passing -2
  • Turbo Pad: Speed +2, Passing -2
  • Cannon Boots: Shooting +2, Passing -2

This setup basically makes his Passing attribute worthless, but it makes him an absolute tank and a good shot. It’ll be hard to take him down because he’ll be really fast, and even when you hit him, he won’t fall easily.


With this build, he should either play a forward or sweeper position. You always want to put him where the ball could fall into his possession. You shouldn’t be in any midfield positions because then he’ll oftentimes find himself surrounded and in need to pass the ball off to someone else.

This Waluigi build is best paired with others who can fill in as a good passer so they can bring the ball up to him with little struggle. As a kicker, he can easily stun Boom Boom and possibly even follow up to ensure a goal. If not, a nearby teammate can finish what he started. As a sweeper, he can potentially intercept and block the ball before it even gets to your Boom Boom.

Having a Waluigi, let alone one with this build almost feels like a must if you want to specialize in Club Matches.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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