Mario Strikers Battle League Strikers Club Guide: How to Create a Club, Customize Stadium, and More

Make new allies as you prepare for upcoming seasons in Mario Strikers!

by Marc Magrini


Mario Strikers Battle League is focused quite heavily on multiplayer. The game only released a short time ago, and there are hundreds of multiplayer-centric features that fans might not have even known about. This is mostly due to the addition of clubs, where players can band together and battle online while working towards a common goal. If one player wants to unlock everything in this new Mario Strikers title, they should follow this Strikers Club guide and create a new club to fight others with.

Mario Strikers Battle League Strikers Club Guide

When entering the main menu, players can jump right into the process of joining a club by choosing the Strikers Club option. From there, they’ll be prompted to choose a character from the available selection. They can also choose their preferred gear from any equipment they have unlocked. This can be changed at a later time, along with the character’s jersey number, so there’s no need to feel locked into any choice. From there, players can choose to join a club or create their own. Joining a club can be done through selecting the recommended choices already listed or by searching through preferences or club codes.

Creating a club can be done if the player doesn’t want to join another. By hitting Y at the club selection screen, it’s possible to access every setting for a club, from uniforms to stadiums. After creation, deeper settings can be accessed through Club Management, allowing players to edit their uniforms or unlock new stadium parts through the use of tokens. They can also change the name, region, policy, or conditions to join through Club Settings, which can be found under Management. If they like, they can also resign as the club owner, allowing them to create a new club or join an existing one. Once a player’s character is set up and they’re in a club, they can join any open match and use what they learned about the game to boost themselves – and their allies – high above the others!

Mario Strikers Battle League is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

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