How to Perform a Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers Battle League

Destroy the enemy's goal post with these powerful kicks!

by Elliott Gatica


If there is anything that Nintendo likes to give Mario and his friends, it’s flare. Everyone has style and some major superpower where they can easily turn the tide in these sports games.  The Strikers series is no stranger to going all out with extreme ways to kick the ball into the goal. Here is how to perform a Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers Battle League.

How to Perform a Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers Battle League

To perform this move, you will need to pick up the Strike Orb item. This only appears if you set your match to have this item on. If not, there will not be any.

Once you pick up the Strike Orb, you will notice that your entire team is glowing with electric sparks coming out of them. This effect lasts 20 seconds, so you have to act quickly within that time limit before it wears off. Only one character on your team has to pick it up for it to take effect on everyone.


During that time window, you have to have one of your teammates/ characters be in possession of the Soccer ball. They also must be on their opponents’ half of the field to activate the item.

Now, you have to hold A (or the Shoot button) to activate the Strike Orb effect. Your character will take the spotlight and will need to complete a Quick Time Event (QTE) where a meter will pop up. This meter will have orange and blue indicators where you will need to hit A when the moving needle lands on them. The needle starts at the right side of the meter and goes left, hit the end, then goes right.

The blue meter will oftentimes be much smaller to hit, but if you manage to hit it, the effects of your Hyper Strike will be enhanced. Hitting the blue meter on both sides will almost guarantee to score a goal. Each character’s meters will be different depending on how high their Technique stat is.


While this might seem cheap or overpowered, a Hyper Strike can be interrupted while charging and while performing the QTE meter game. If you’re playing against an AI team, you can pull these off like nothing. However, if you go against other players, expect to get interrupted via tackling or people stealing the ball.

If you do somehow manage to pull off a Hyper Strike and score a goal, your team will be awarded 2 points, which can turn the tide in a match!

Mario Strikers Battle League is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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