6 Best Minecraft Seeds For Plains

Not all plains are plain!

by Alex Huebner
Image: FenX Builds

The world of Minecraft has some great plains seeds to load into. This is a sandbox world where you get to freely create, survive, explore, farm, and scavenge as you see fit. While you can always choose a randomly generated world to load into, if you’re looking to get right into the plains without having to find the right area to do it, a seed may help. Seeds are the code used to create the world you’ll load into. It is important to note which platform the seeds are for as they are not the same across multiple platforms — our suggestions are for Java 1.19.

Many times, people are looking for plains to get started in because it is generally flat and easy to build on. For some, the materials available make for a fairly simple start. Whatever the reason, these plains seeds may be worth a shot.

Plains Seeds for Minecraft Java 1.19

Plains Village For Building

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Seed code: 630785422808580324

Coordinates: x: (0) y: (68) z: (0)

When you enter the village, you’ll see a lot of flat area for building more structures in addition to the available builds and an expansive amount of plains. It’s a very peaceful village that makes for a good starting point. It comes with a few creatures including horses and some pigs. There’s even a little bit of adventure to it if you’d like to go to the Dripstone Cave below the village. In addition to plains as far as the eye can see, players will also see some hills with additional caves to explore.

Go Straight to Jail

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Seed: -5162463139528282983

Coordinates: x: (72) y: (63) z: (150)

Next to these expansive plains is an outpost with pillagers waiting to fight. There are nine vacant cages just waiting to be claimed once you clear out the area. Players will also find mountains and caves near the spawning point to help gather the materials you’ll need to defeat the pillagers.

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Mansion and More

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Seed code: -6711489344618865496

Coordinates: x: (0) y: (115) z: (0)

Get a little more luxury in this mansion seed. When you spawn into the village, there is a huge mansion with plenty to explore, including some hidden areas with special treasures. As you journey through this area, you’ll also find a ruined portal as well as mountains, caves, and wooded areas along with the plains.

Quick and Plentiful

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Seed: -1718501946501227358

Coordinates: x: (132) y: (67) z: (-148)

Maybe the creation side of Minecraft isn’t what you’re after this go around but you’d like a nice plains area to start in for quick access to get on your way with the battles and adventures. An adventurer’s paradise, this seed has a village with food and crafting areas nearby to get you ready to go out quickly. There’s access to the Nether, a savanna biome also nearby, and even an Ancient City. Gear up and get ready to go quickly, then get to your adventure.

Shipwreck Island

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Seed: -9212153575171382386

Coordinates: x: (-348) y: (63) z: (39)

Give your world a little backstory with this Shipwreck Island. There are many shipwrecks around the coast for you to explore. The coordinates above will lead you to the nearest one. The underwater scenery around this world is beautiful, and the farm village with plenty of starter food and animals is not too far from the spawn point. Make sure to wade through the waters thoroughly to get all the shipwrecks and their hidden treasures.

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Zombie Land

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Seed code: 253890428993065766

Coordinates: x: (0) y: (73) z: (5)

For all the zombie fans, use this seed to enter a village full of zombies. The buildings are adorned with spiderwebs to give that extra creep factor. Once you clear out the zombies (or trap them, whatever your style is) there are many cool features in the village like some pre-made garden beds, chests, sheep, and more. But beware of the traps or you might become zombie food.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2023