Best Monster Hunter Now Longsword Build | Moves, Armor, Weapon, and Skills

Making the best set for skillful longsword mains

by Guillermo Rosario
image: Niantic Capcom

In the mobile installment of the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Now, mobile players have a whole world of dangerous beasts to tackle and an impressive arsenal to face them with.

The Longsword is one of the six weapons players can wield on their hunts and one of the most technical and skill-inducing in the game. Like all the other weapons aside from sword & shield, the Longsword is unlocked after players make their way through Hunter rank 15.

In terms of speed and damage per hit, the Longsword is a great balance between the slow and powerful Great Sword and the speed/dexterous Sword & Shield. One of the chief strengths of Longsword is that a flow of combo attacks can build up elemental damage and the poison status effect, which helps at depleting monster health for the moments you’re dodging or recovering. With a formidable weapon build that includes that proper skills to empower the advantages of the Longsword, players can slay fearsome monsters from Tobi Kadachi and Legiana within a minute of the hunt.

Best Moves, Skills, And Armor For Longsword Users

Longsword is heavy on combos, counters, and critical hits so armor skills that increase affinity and elemental/status effects are vital to a successful high-stress hunt. Holding your finger down during battle triggers the sheathe counter, which allows a chance for double damage when used successfully along with continuing a new combo attack.

Every direct hit builds up the Spirit Gauge for alternative combos that don’t need to be triggered by successful counters. The special skill attack for Longsword is the Spirit Helm Breaker, a boosted-up version of the regular successful counterattack. When your Longsword of choice is leveled up to grade 6, this special skill also increases by one bar for higher power.

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The best Longsword builds require making full use of critical damage and combo build-up. Boost up base affinity by leveling up the Kulu Headpiece and Kulu Vambraces to Grade 4 and equipping regular Kulu Greaves. This will increase affinity to 20%, making critical damage easy to apply on weak points. For the best application of poison status damage with Longsword, there are the default Pukei Vambraces and Pukei Coil.

image: capcom

When I defeated my first Rathian, I had access to farm the materials for the Wyvern Blade “Leaf”, the Longsword with the highest level of poison status without leveling up. Combined with these armor sets and applied skills, my Wyvern Blade “Leaf” became an important weapon as I progressed into the near endgame to farm tougher monsters.

Where To Find Materials For Leveling Armor And Weapons

Finding the right places to farm the required monster materials for the Kulu armor and Wyvern Blade “Leaf” requires a lot of determination and a bunch of luck due to the nature of Monster Hunter Now being a mobile game. As a result, beginner sets could include the Grade 2 Leather headgear which also increases affinity.

Finding bone piles for Monster Bones and Ore deposits can help level up weapons and gear until you unlock needed skills and are set for the more challenging monsters. By then the gameplay loop will be easier to follow and just like other Monster Hunter titles, you would’ve built up your hunter into being a fierce warrior.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2023

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