Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Final Update Release Date, Time, and Information

Watch the sun set on Monster Hunter Rise's expansion with this final update!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise’s time in the spotlight has nearly drawn to a close. To celebrate, Capcom has announced one more update for the title’s expansion. The release date for the final Sunbreak update is close for players on all platforms. But how long will players need to wait to face off against Primordial Malzeno and overcome their last challenge?

Final Update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak — Release Date and Information

For players on the Switch and PC versions of Sunbreak, this final update will be available as a free download starting on June 8. If this update follows the pattern set by previous releases, it will likely become available on June 7 at around 5:00 PM Pacific Time or 8:00 PM Eastern Time in the US. If you’re keeping an eye out for its release and haven’t found anything yet, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple more hours!

Those playing the PlayStation, Xbox, or Windows versions of Sunbreak won’t be able to access this content so soon. Luckily, they also won’t have to wait much longer, as the final update will be released for these platforms on August 24. This will also include any previous updates not released for these platforms before then, so players can rest easy knowing they won’t miss any of the most important additions!

The main focus of Sunbreak’s final update is Primordial Malzeno, a variant of the fearsome Elder Dragon flagship. It promises to face off against players with new attacks, and it appears as though players will first fight it alongside their companion Fiorayne. Defeating this variant will let hunters create new armor, weapons, and decorations to boost their abilities. The fight becomes available at MR 10, so there’s not much need to grind if you want to enjoy this update as soon as possible.

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After the update is released, players can still look forward to new Event Quests. For Switch and Steam players, these quests will be released periodically up until July 27, with other platforms gaining them on a later date. They’ll also feature their own special rewards — including new layered armor — giving plenty of reason to keep playing even after you’ve finished Primordial Malzeno’s climactic clash.

- This article was updated on June 7th, 2023

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