Best Perks to Get First in Atlas Fallen

Which perks should players go for first in Atlas Fallen?

by Marc Magrini
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Atlas Fallen has many challenges hidden in its sandy world. It’s possible to circumvent a wide variety of challenges using special perks unlocked through gameplay. Some perks are far more effective than others, especially for players who take advantage of the title’s many different features. Anyone looking to surpass the world of Atlas Fallen will need to know the best perks to get first.

Which Perks are the Best to Get First in Atlas Fallen?

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Atlas Fallen has 12 perks that players can obtain. All except four of these perks can be upgraded to a third level, and one of those four can be upgraded to a second level. You’ll always have to start your perk choices with Herbalist Healing level 1, which will slightly increase your Idol’s energy after collecting plants. From there, you can progressively unlock more perks which will eventually grant you access to the entire grid.

Getting the chance to unlock these perks will require armor upgrades, so you’ll want to do plenty of side quests and fight as many foes as you can. A lot of these perks are incredibly useful, but you’ll likely want to carve a path straight towards Extended Charge, the bottom-right perk that adds an additional charge to your Idol. If you’re starting out with the game and have found yourself farming, the best path to take from Herbalist Healing would be:

  • Quick Growth (Increases Essence Dust obtained from defeated foes)
  • Lucky Spotter (Increase the chance of rare plants spawning)
  • Gold Digger (Increases the number of tributes found in the world)
  • Deck Builder (Equipping five of the same Essence Stone type provides buffs)
  • Extended Charge

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In case most of these perks don’t interest you, the top row of perks is also fantastic. Momentum Burst is by far the most useful of them as it lets you start battles with extra strength for your weapons. Both Scavenger and Adventurer are also great picks thanks to them saving more time when exploring. Refresh and Active Parry are useful but fairly redundant, and Sand Slider is far too situational to be as helpful as the other perks mentioned.

- This article was updated on August 9th, 2023

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