What are the Three Words for the Spy’s Report in the Tithe Road Secrets Side Quest?

What are the words needed for the spy to reveal her report in Atlas Fallen?

by Marc Magrini
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Not everything in the world of Atlas Fallen is hostile. While travelling through the game’s wraith-infested lands, players will occasionally come across allies in their journey. One such ally is a spy tied to an optional quest, but she’ll need proof that you’re on her side before helping you out. In the Tithe Road Secrets side quest of Atlas Fallen, players must find three specific words to gain the spy’s trust.

How to Find the Three Words and Receive the Spy’s Report in the Atlas Fallen Tithe Road Secrets Side Quest

The three words in this quest are hidden in manuscripts scattered throughout the nearby building. It’s not too difficult to find these texts, but solving the riddle is another story entirely. The spy notes that each manuscript refers to famous knights, but only by pressing her can you figure out whom without referring back to in-game lore. You’ll have to read each manuscript by following the number of words that corresponds with the number of letters in each knight’s name.

In case that was too confusing, here’s a quick summary of where each word is:

  • Manuscript 1 — 7 words in. The answer is “Best
  • Manuscript 2 — 6 words in. The answer is “Knight
  • Manuscript 3 — 4 words in. The answer is “Ever

Select those answers in that order when speaking to the spy and she’ll be pleased. You’ll receive her report and can continue on with the rest of the quest. There’s no need to fight until later in the quest, so don’t bother switching around perks or preparing your weapons until this riddle is complete.

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You can actually bypass this riddle altogether if you simply collect the manuscripts and answer wrongly anyway. Rather than trying to confirm your identity, the spy will simply give up and give you the report regardless. She doesn’t give you anything all that special if you answer her correctly anyway, so don’t feel pressured to reload your saves over this minor fetch quest.

- This article was updated on August 9th, 2023

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