Best Weapons in Atlas Fallen Ranked

Learn about the best weapons to take on wraiths with in Atlas Fallen!

by Marc Magrini
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To survive in Atlas Fallen, players need more than just skill and power. Knowing which weapons to use — and when to use them — can mean the difference between life and death in this game. There aren’t many of them to discover in the first place, but each one offers its own unique abilities that can be vital to certain encounters. Everyone should know about the best weapons to use in Atlas Fallen and what makes them so good in the first place.

What are the Best Weapons in Atlas Fallen?

In this game, there are only three major weapons: Dunecleaver, Sandwhip, and Knuckledust. Dunecleaver takes the form of an axe that transforms into mighty hammers with enough momentum. Sandwhip is a long-range whip with low damage. Finally, Knuckledust is a speedy pair of fists and the only unlockable weapon in the game.

Both Dunecleaver and Knuckledust are fairly even in effectiveness. The former manages to get the edge when it comes to range, allowing multiple targets to be hit at once for some fairly high-damage blows. But the latter is probably the best weapon to use on singular wraiths, with its high speed allowing it to stun-lock lesser wraiths and deal considerable damage to larger foes. Overall, Dunecleaver and Knuckledust tie for second place when it comes to usefulness.

The Sandwhip, on the other hand, is the most useful weapon in the game. This wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for the fact that you could equip two weapons at once, and the whip is able to stand as a staple of any build. Its extreme range allows players to knock away swarms of foes and its hook is the best way to get closer to enemies, dealing damage and closing gaps at the same time. It might not be great as a main weapon, but the Sandwhip should never be removed from your lineup.

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Of course, your own effectiveness with these weapons might vary depending on how long you stay in the air or how many momentum-boosting perks you have. This is especially the case if you find certain Essence Stones that assist in one specific weapon’s capabilities, such as one that lets the Knuckledust crystallize foes with a charged attack. Don’t be afraid to experiment by swapping out both Dunecleaver and Knuckledust for each other across each fight. As long as you keep the Sandwhip equipped, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with future encounters!

- This article was updated on August 9th, 2023

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