Best Pro Clubs CAM Build in EA FC 24

Awaken the Kevin De Bruyne in you!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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What do Martin Ødegaard and Kevin De Bruyne have in common? That’s simple, they can be seen as the prime examples of what makes a great central attacking midfielder, given their ability to playmake effortlessly, break down defenses with key passes, and score just as well as any striker. For that, it’s no surprise that creating players like the two in EA FC 24 Clubs is no easy task. But don’t worry, we got you, here’s the best CAM build for Clubs in EA Sports FC 24.

The Best Pro Clubs Center Attacking Midfielder (CAM) Build in EA FC 24

As for a CAM in EA FC 24, being capable of getting into open positions fast is as vital as being able to distribute the ball, we recommend that you use a 125-130 lbs 5’9/10′ player. This is a must as this combination will allow your player to be as nimble as possible while also allowing them to resist most contests.

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What Attributes Should You Prioritize?

Ball Control, Long/Short Passing, Finishing, and Acceleration can be considered the main pillars of a CAM build.

True to that, we recommend that you invest 8 of your starting attribute points in the Long Passing nodules below, as they will increase the precision and the speed of through passes, aka your main tool for breaking through defenses. We then recommend that you invest your remaining points in either Stamina or Finishing.

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The Best PlayStyles for Center Attacking Midfielders (CAM) in EA FC 24

In order to make the whole field your chessboard, we recommend that you start by making use of both First Touch and Pinged Pass. White First Touch will enhance your ability to tap the ball under all circumstances, Pinged Pass will increase the precision of your through passes and allow you to perform billard-like plays from anywhere on the pitch. Both are also our premier picks for PlayStyles+.

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As the other PlayStyles slots become available, we advise you to double down on pass accuracy by going with Tiki Taka, Long Ball Pass, and Incisive Pass. We also recommend that you focus on increasing your ability to break away, win in 1v1 scenarios, and keep possession of the ball when faced with high pressure by using Technical, Quick Step, Press Proven, and Quick Step.

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How to Play CAM in EA FC 24

In order to excel as a Center Attacking Midfielder, we recommend that you focus on always staying open, as well as on coordinating your striker and adapting to your wingers. Don’t be afraid to also break through with 1-touch passes and don’t be shy when a goal-scoring opportunity presents itself.

On defense, focus on zone coverage and on working as a secondary source of pressure, while also trying to always be available as a passing option.

This guide was made while playing EA Sports FC 24 on PS5.

- This article was updated on October 2nd, 2023

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