Best Pro Clubs Striker Build in EA FC 24

Check out the best Pro Clubs Striker Build in EA Sports FC 24!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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In EA FC 24 Clubs, your path towards becoming a master striker begins way before you first enter the pitch, as even a single wrong choice when building your player can turn an effortless goalscorer into someone only capable of making an impact once every full moon. To help you avoid those mistakes and awaken your full potential, especially early on in your journey, here are the best body types, attributes, and PlayStyles for Strikers in EA Sports FC 24.

The Best Striker (ST) Clubs Build in EA Sports FC 24

Taking into account the EA FC 24 Meta, a Striker (ST) in Clubs must, apart from being absolutely lethal when at both close and mid-range, be able to overrun defenders and control the ball well.

For that, we recommend using a player between 5’9 and 10”. As your player’s weight will also dictate their initial stats, we recommend that you make them as nimble as possible without sacrificing their strength by aiming at any value between 125 and 128 ibs.

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What Attributes Should You Prioritize?

We recommend that you focus on Finishing and Acceleration, as well as on improving your Ball Control and Agility.

Out of your starting Attribute Points, we recommend that you expend 11 of them on the Finishing nodules below, as doing so will give you a 4-star Weak Foot (which we all know is the minimum requirement for a striker). We then recommend that you expend the remaining ones on Acceleration.

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If you are the type of player who loves to perform skill moves in order to break defenders and trick keepers, you will be able to unlock the 4-star Skill moves stat by expending 13 points at the Dribbling Attribute screen.

Best PlayStyles for Strikers in EA FC 24

On the PlayStyles section, we recommend that you make use of both Quick Step and Acrobat at first, as they will allow you to rush past defenders with ease and finish at every chance you get. The two are also our premier choices for PlayStyles+.

Once you unlock the other PlayStyles slots, we recommend that you focus on increasing your ball control, stamina, and scoring capacity by using Rapid, Technical, First Touch, Finesse Shot, and Relentless.

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How to Play as a Striker in EA FC 24

The key to playing as a striker is to know when to act, as going full throttle on lost balls and running back to defense at every opportunity will mine your performance in do-or-die situations. To avoid that and improve your performance, focus on staying participative in the last portion of the pitch by pivoting for your wingers while also staying well-positioned and actively looking for blind spots/breakthrough opportunities.

On defense, we recommend that you focus on helping with coverages on the attacking half of the pitch and only fall back in key situations.

This guide was made while playing EA Sports FC 24 on PS5.

- This article was updated on September 29th, 2023

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