Best Sniper Rifles in BattleBit Remastered, Ranked

Here are the best Sniper Rifles in Battlebit Remastered.

by Christian Bognar
Battlebit Remastered best Snipers
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Battlebit Remastered is an online multiplayer game that puts over 200 players on a battlefield, creating a large-scope war game with explosive action. There are classes to choose from and various weapons — each designed for a specific playstyle. Of course, there are Snipers in the game meant for those who want to take enemies out from afar. Which Sniper is the best in the game? This guide will rank the best Sniper Rifles in Battlebit Remastered.

Ranking the Best Sniper Rifles in Battlebit Remastered

Snipers fall into two categories in Battlebit Remastered — bolt action rifles and semi-automatic DMRs. The former need to be reloaded after every shot, while the latter allows for more shots before refilling the clip. Below you will find the best Snipers in Battlebit Remastered ranked, and you’ll learn why each gun falls into their tier level.

S TierM200 and L96.
A TierSV-98, SSG 69, and M110.
B TierM14 and MK20.

S Tier – M200 and L96

The M200 and the L96 are the two best Snipers in Battlebit Remastered. They both are bolt action that deals incredible damage, have high range, and are easy to use. First, the L96 has an advantage in getting an extended clip for the gun (something rare for a bolt action) — allowing it to fire 15 rounds before reloading. The M200, on the other hand, has less ammo capacity, but its damage and pinpoint accuracy make it a gun you don’t want to miss out on.

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A Tier – SV-98, SSG 69, and M110

The three Snipers in the A tier are great if you have exhausted using the S tier selections. SV-98 is high on the list due to the player not needing to be a high rank — only rank 9 — and having the ability to one-shot enemies from a considerable distance. SSG 69 is great for those who have mastered headshots and above the chest, as it will almost instantly guarantee a kill. However, anything below these areas on the enemy’s body will require another shot. Lastly, we have the M110, which boasts the best horizontal recoil in the entire game. You’ll need to rank at least 20 before unlocking this great Sniper.

B Tier – M14 and MK20

The last two Snipers on the list, which fall under B tier, aren’t terrible but should be replaced as soon as possible. The M14 has the highest fire rate in the game, but the fact that it cannot one-shot enemies makes it pretty pointless. The M14 falls under a weapon category that is supposed to kill enemies with one bullet, and since it can’t — you should replace it as soon as possible. Then we have the MK20, which has the lowest damage output out of any sniper, and shooting anywhere below the head will need three bullets at least.

Now that you know which Snipers are best, you should take the time to learn which classes are the best in Battlebit Remastered. Each has a specific focus and specialization, one focusing on healing, another on vehicles, and more!

- This article was updated on June 26th, 2023

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