Best Solo Valorant Characters to Help You Hard Carry Your Team

Agents that'll let you defy all odds.

by Weilong Mao
A promotional image featuring a series of Valorant Characters

What characters can solo carry in Valorant is a thought that might have popped into a player’s head from time to time in the competitive First Person Shooter. Whether it’s trying to climb the ranking ladder or to top frag in unrated, Players may have pondered the question of what characters could be relied upon to pull off multi-kills and keep the team ahead. This guide will discuss some of the viable candidates that can be used to achieve such goals.

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Valorant Characters that will help you solo carry your team

Though the character differs depending on the situations that players find themselves in. Some of the best agents in Valorant for soloing the enemy team would include the Duelist Jett who can make quick escapes and aggressive plays, alongside the Sentinel Chamber who brings weapon advantage and economy management to the table.

1. Jett


Jett as a character carries unrivaled mobility despite the nerfs made to her dash in patch 4.08. The ability to move horizontally and vertically at a quick pace provides Jett the affordances to flank her enemies and to hold down angles with a sniper rifle at normally inaccessible locations. Her ultimate Blade Storm is deadly in the hands of a proficient player, with each knife a guaranteed kill when thrown at an opponent’s head. If you have the map knowledge and can manage until you’ve acquired an operator, then Jett is more than a fair option to consider.

Though it is necessary to point out that mastering Jett’s kit is not a simple task considering the fixed distance of her dashes and needing to eyeball where to place her smoke down on the field. Blade Storm could also feel gimmicky to aim with when engaging targets from a long distance, but that’s where an operator comes in handy.

2. Chamber


Next up is Chamber, the Sentinel who brings strong guns to gunfights. The suave Frenchman is set to receive a nerf to his gadgets in the upcoming patch, which despite decreasing his ability to gather information and to prevent allies from being outflanked, is unlikely to impede his carrying potential. The ideal scenario is to pick off targets from afar with Headhunter and secure early rounds, which leads to a gold advantage and quicker access to Tour de Force, his custom sniper rifle.

A good Chamber player who can make do with Headhunter and Tour de Force can worry less about buying guns each round, making it easier for them to save on buying guns unless they need them. The bane of Chamber is the bane of all first-person shooter players, and that’s shooting precisely with limited ammo. If players can use their teleporter to find good angles, they’ll be able to hold a site down with relative safety and ease. As long as they steer clear from Kay/O’s who can disable his gun skills.

The above covers the recommended agents for soloing the enemy team when a player finds it necessary. Though that’s not to say that they are the only good agents in Valorant. Others are probably more circumstantial in usage or better suited to a coordinated team.

Valorant is available now on PC.