Best Sonny Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Abilities, Stats, and Attributes

Time to create the best Sonny build around for Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

by Gordon Bicker
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a lot of systems for you to learn and one of these is of course how the build system works, you will need to apply that knowledge to Victims like Sonny. Due to the vast number of perks available, it can take a bit of time for you to work out which to choose. This article will take you through how to create the best Sonny build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Best Ability Pathway and Perks for Sonny in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The main ability for Sonny is “Heightened Sense” which lets you see where people are nearby which is especially useful for checking where Family members possibly are. As with any ability in the game, different level sections are available for you to follow by way of a pathway. I recommend making sure that Increased Range is selected in level 3 of the skill pathway or choose All-Knowing. Overall here is every modifier that you should choose for this particular build.

  • Level One — Ability Drain Reduction (25%)
  • Level Two — Shorter Cooldown (2%)
  • Level Three — Increased Range (35%) (or All-Knowing which tracks if a noise is by a Victim or Family)

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As for perk unlocks, you will want to go on the right-side branch of the skill tree two times and then take a left branch after that. While you follow this path you will be able to pick up Meter Reader, What Doesn’t Kill You, and also Tae Kwon Door. Those are the three perks for this build from the skill tree that I suggest you work towards acquiring.

Perk NameInformation
Meter ReaderThis perk pairs excellently with Sonny’s existing Heightened Sense ability. What this does is that whenever a Family member uses a generator, it and the member will be highlighted to Sonny. This allows you to gather even more intelligence around the positions of the Family to then let you coordinate movements with your team.
What Doesn’t Kill YouIf you take a hit with this perk active and then manage to stay away from damage for 15 seconds, you will be given back 50% of your lost health at level one of the perk. Level three of this perk actually gives you back all of your lost health so it is especially useful.
Tae Kwon DoorThe previous perk works excellently alongside Tae Kwon Door. When you are making an escape from Family members I recommend slamming doors a lot. This is because with the Tae Kwon Door perk you will stun them for a lot of time. Level one of the perk has a stun applied to Family members for 12 seconds which gives you plenty of time to regain health by way of the other perk. Overall this is simply an excellent strength-based perk to have.

Ideal Stat/Attribute Allocation for Sonny in TCM

Since Sonny does not have a lot of base toughness, I recommend that you invest extra points into that stat so you will be able to stay up for longer. However, also choose to allocate some to Stealth since that is one of his lower stats too, but focus mainly on increasing Toughness. All of this is to ensure that you have some boost in your weaker stats of Sonny. The base Sonny stats are listed below for your reference.

  • Proficiency — 25
  • Stealth — 15
  • Endurance — 35
  • Toughness — 15
  • Strength — 35

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Now that you know how to create one of the best Sonny builds in TCM, you can make your way back into the haunting maps on offer and try it out!

- This article was updated on August 31st, 2023

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