Best Tapu Koko Counters and Weaknesses in Pokemon GO: How to Beat Tapu Koko in 5-Star Raids

Everything you need to know in order to defeat and catch Tapu Koko.

by Noah Nelson


Season of Alola is here in Pokemon GO and that means that many new Alola region Pokemon are making their debut in Pokemon GO, including Tapu Koko. This Electric- and Fairy-type Pokemon is a Legendary powerhouse that every Trainer needs on their team. Tapu Koko is currently only available through the Five Star Raid, so here are the Tapu Koko counters and weaknesses that you need to know to take it down and catch it in Pokemon GO.

Tapu Koko Counters and Weaknesses

As mentioned previously, Tapu Koko is an Electric- and Fairy-type Pokemon which means that it is weak against Poison- and Ground-type Pokemon. It is resistant to Bug-, Dark-, Electric-, Fighting-, and Dragon-type Pokemon, so leave those ones at home this time.

Now that we know Tapu Koko’s weaknesses, we can look at what some of the best counter Pokemon are. Here are some counter Pokemon with their moves to consider when fighting Tapu Koko:


For Ground-type Pokemon, any Pokemon will do the trick as long as they have Mud Shot or Mud-Slap as their Fast Move and Earthquake or Earth Power as their Charged Move. These two moves are incredibly strong and will work great against Tapu Koko.

  • Groudon
      • Mud Shot (Fast Move)
      • Earthquake (Charged Move)
  • Rhyperior
      • Mud-Slap (Fast Move)
      • Earthquake (Charged Move)
  • Garchomp
      • Mud Shot (Fast Move)
      • Earth Power (Charged Move)


When it comes to Poison-type Pokemon, any Pokemon with Poison Jab or Acid with their Fast Move and Sludge Bomb or Gunk Shot as their Charged Move will work well against Kapu Koko.

  • Mega Beedrill
      • Poison Jab (Fast Move)
      • Sludge Bomb (Charged Move)
  • Roserade
      • Poison Jab (Fast Move)
      • Sludge Bomb (Charged Move)
  • Vileplume
      • Acid (Fast Move)
      • Sludge Bomb (Charged Move)

Tapu Koko CP, Stats, and Move Set in Pokemon GO

Once you have defeated Tapu Koko, you will have a chance to catch it. Tapu Koko is an incredibly strong Pokemon that works great in any team. Here is the CP, stats, and move set of Taku Koko in Pokemon GO:

  • Max CP – 3582
  • Attack – 250
  • Defense – 181
  • Stamina – 172

Tapu Koko’s best moves are Volt Switch and Dazzling Gleam in Pokemon GO. It can also learn Thunderbolt, Brave Bird, and Quick Attack.

Tapu Koko is a great Pokemon to have when taking on Team GO Rocket members like Arlo. Also, there are Raid Hours coming up on March 2nd and March 9th that will make catching Tapu Koko much easier, so check back in when those happen.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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