Best TF2 Characters – Ranked Tier List

All of the TF2 characters in a ranked Tier list!

by Gordon Bicker
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Team Fortress 2 has held a substantial player count for a number of years and there has always been discussion centered around which characters are the very best. Of course, the decision comes down to an overall personal preference but there certainly are tactical advantages to some classes. This article will take you through our choices for the best Team Fortress 2 characters via a ranked tier list.

Best Team Fortress 2 Characters Ranked

When making your selection for characters in Team Fortress 2, you should always take into consideration what you want your role to be. Strategy plays a high importance in non-casual play so this Tier List will be reflective of that.


  • Sniper
  • Medic

Starting off strong, the S-Tier ranking belongs to Medic and Sniper, having these classes in your team will tend to always ensure some smooth battles. It shouldn’t be understated just how beneficial a brilliant sharpshooting sniper can be for any match. We were considering placing the Demoman class into the S-tier but we felt he was better suited to the A-tier.

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  • Demoman
  • Engineer
  • Scout

When it comes to some of the best of the best choices you will be hard-pressed to not find classes such as Demoman up high in the community rankings. Scouts are also one of the favorite go-to’s for mobility and quick kills. Along with this, Engineer still holds up against some of the other classes because of the especially useful Sentry defense tactics.


  • Heavy
  • Soldier

In B-Tier, we have placed two of the most well-rounded classes. As their names indicate, the Heavy has a much heavier feel to the gameplay with a juggernaut-style approach to gameplay. The one trait which isn’t as rounded for Heavy is absolutely the mobility but they are still a worthwhile choice.

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Soldier on the other hand has a great variety of tactics to choose from thanks to the mobility, range (close or long), and general Call of Duty akin style of play. We felt that Soldier should be placed here instead of in A-Tier because of their simplicity.


  • Pyro

Pyro has been a heated topic of player choice for a long time and when used in close range they can be a stopping force for many classes. However, maps tend to have a lot of more ranged combat and Pyro just isn’t going to stack up for the range needed to make a real fight back against far-away enemy teams. Nonetheless, Pyro is still a very fun class to play whenever hopping on for some Team Fortress 2 matches.


  • Spy

Although Spy can be a staple to play for many people — compared to some of the others in higher tiers — Spy is easily countered by classes such as Pyro. The drawback of this is that in many of your matches, you will find a Pyro player and in turn will easily be taken out in close-range. Spy can still be an excellent choice for those who are still learning the ropes of the game and/or just enjoy his playstyle.

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Now that you have a full ranked Tier List of the Team Fortress 2 classes, it is time to get back into the fray of the chaotic matches.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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