Best Units in Fire Emblem Engage: Ranked Tier List

The definitive ranking of all units!

by Christian Bognar

Are you looking to have the best units in Fire Emblem Engage? With so many choices, it can take time to decide who to choose over other options. While who is considered the best can change depending on specific circumstances, there still seem to be some standouts that have made quite the name for themselves. As you read through this guide, you will see our picks for the best units available in the game and the worst that seem to be of no help.

Ranking All Units in Fire Emblem Engage

Below are our rankings from S to C and a quick shoutout to the choices that make a huge difference in battle and should be your focus for leveling up. We will also explain why some units are less helpful to a certain extent.

SAlear, Diamant, Seadall, Veyle, Kagetsu, Panette, Merrin, Pandreo, Alfred, Zelkov, Louis, Alcryst.
AYunaka, Jean, Saphir B, Rosado, Lindon, Goldmary, Ivy, Etie, Timerra, Hortensia, Anna.
BFogado, Jade, Celine, Framme, Amber, Chloe, Boucheron, Lapis, Clanne.
CMauvier, Bunet, Vander, Citrinne

S Tier

You will immediately notice why these characters are considered the best units in the game. Their strategies are unmatched, and having any of them on the battlefield will make everything significantly more manageable. Alear, even though you receive them as a starting character, is the best choice here as they can use the Divinely Inspiring skill, which strengthens all allies and increases your team’s damage output. On the other hand, Diamant is a tank unit that offers high HP and incredibly high Def growth rates, making him an excellent end-game character.

A Tier

Just below the S ranking, we have the A-level units that will make anyone’s day. The reason is that every one of these units has skills that can save you from losing a battle and get you out of a pinch. For example, Saphir B has an ability called Will to Win, which is meant to save you from dying, considering that if any unit has HP less than 50%, then the Avo for each character will increase. Another standout here would be Rosado, that can debuff a character by negative 20 Avo just for being a Male. The skills are top-notch in the A-tier category.

B Tier

Using units in the B tier is fine; something needs to be added to push them up a rank. Something is missing, whether a low growth rate, low base stats or a more complex setup for skills, making them a bit more challenging to use on the battlefield. Still, they can be helpful regarding their unique skills; let me explain. Amber uses a skill called Aspiring Hero, and it can be beneficial but tricky to set up correctly. For example, she will grant an additional 20 hits if there are no allies within one space of everyone on the battlefield. This tier’s difficulty in setting up skills is expected, making them less frequently used.

C Tier

These are the worst units currently available in the game. They are considered the worst due to their lack of stats and hard skills to set up, and when correctly set up, the effects are only sometimes worth it. Bunet has a skill where he can get a second meal of the same kind after eating the first one, but that isn’t 100 percent guaranteed. All in all, players should disregard these characters, at least for now.

Fire Emblem Engage is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2023

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