Best WoW Classic Classes, Ranked

Some classes will always outshine others.

by Davi Braid
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If you’re curious to know which is the best class in World of Warcraft Classic, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will rank the WoW Classic classes from top to bottom, providing insights into why certain classes outshine others.

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World of Warcraft Classic Class Tier List

Top TierWarrior, Mage, Priest
Mid TierRogue, Warlock, Hunter
Low TierPaladin, Shaman, Druid


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Warriors can play different roles in the game. They can protect their team as a Tank or deal a lot of damage as a Fury Warrior. This makes them useful in many situations. Warriors get stronger as they acquire better equipment. So, even if they start off weak, they become more powerful with each raid they complete and each piece of gear they get. In PvP battles, Warriors have a skill called Mortal Strike. This skill is very useful when trying to quickly defeat an opponent.

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Mages are great at gathering gold and leveling up quickly. This makes them a good choice if you want to progress in the game at a fast pace. They have abilities that make the game more convenient to play. They can create their own food and water, and they can teleport between cities or open portals for others.


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Priests can serve as healers or damage dealers, making them adaptable to different game scenarios. They can switch between Healing and Shadow as needed. They have unmatched utility thanks to Dispel Magic, which can be used to remove harmful effects from allies or beneficial effects from enemies. This makes them very useful in various group activities like dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds. Priests also have defensive spells like Power Word: Shield and Psychic Scream that make them hard to defeat when playing solo.


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Rogues are among the top damage-dealing classes. They have a unique ability called Stealth, which allows them to become invisible to enemies and have a range of abilities that can control multiple enemies at once, such as Stunlocking, Sapping, and Blinding. These abilities make them effective in handling groups of enemies, provided their cooldowns are available.


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Warlocks are powerful when playing alone against other players. They have potent spells like Soul Link and their Voidwalker’s Sacrifice that make them formidable opponents. They can focus on Damage Over Time Spells with the Affliction build, Direct Damage with the Destruction build, or prioritize defense with the Demonology build. Warlocks are a strong choice for players who enjoy solo PvP and want a class with a variety of build options.

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Hunters are known for their ability to level up quickly and efficiently. This is largely due to their strong pet mechanics and the Feign Death ability, which makes leveling much easier. While Hunters are not the top performers, they still perform consistently and can hold their own.


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Although Paladins are great healers, they suffer from being a hybrid class. They can fulfill different roles at the cost of not being better than classes that specialize in what they do. Also, the best way to play this class is usually by playing Retribution or Protection Paladin, and this is just not what most Paladin players tend to go for.


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Shamans bring a lot of utility to the game. Their Windfury Totem can significantly boost the damage output of Fury Warriors and Rogues, making it a game-changer for the Horde, but they are not the top damage dealers against raid bosses. They are okay, but not impressive.


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The Druid is a jack of all trades, master of none kind of class. It can be a healer, a DPS, and a tank, but it won’t ever be as good as any class that specializes in those roles. It’s incredibly hard to play a Druid so well that it makes up for all that it lacks, which is why the class ended up in the bottom tier.

- This article was updated on January 3rd, 2024

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