BitLife Mike is Magical Challenge Guide: How to Become a Male Stripper, Dance at a Nightclub, and More

This week's BitLife challenge involves becoming a stripper and then leaving that life behind.

by Diego Perez


This week’s BitLife challenge is titled Mike is Magical, and it requires players to have a long and fulfilling career as a male stripper before leaving everything behind to become a carpenter. It’s definitely one of the wilder BitLife challenges in recent memory, but it’s actually fairly easy to accomplish despite how outlandish it seems. All of the steps are fairly straightforward as long as you end up in the stripper career, so you don’t need to worry about missing anything. Here’s everything you need to do in order to complete the Mike is Magical weekly challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the BitLife Mike is Magical Challenge

To complete the Mike is Magical challenge in BitLife, you have to accomplish the following five steps.

  1. Be born in Tampa
  2. Become a male stripper for 15 years
  3. Dance at a nightclub 15+ times
  4. Do three different types of drugs
  5. Quit stripping to become a carpenter

Keep reading on for more details about each step, including the fastest ways to complete them.

How to Be Born in Tampa

This is the easiest step of them all. All you need to do is select male as your gender and then choose Tampa as your birthplace.

How to Become a Male Stripper for 15 Years

This is the most important step of the entire challenge. You have to turn 18 before you can become a stripper, but the work starts much earlier. Keep your Looks stat up as you make your way through school by visiting the Gym and Spa among other places. Once you turn 18, you can find the stripper career in the job menu. If you don’t see it, age up and check again. Stay in the profession for 15 years to complete this step.

How to Dance at a Nightclub 15+ Times

To accomplish this step, all you need to do is choose the clubbing option in the nightlife section of the activities menu. Just choose to dance inside the club 15 times and you will complete this step.

How to Do Three Different Types of Drugs

This step will most likely be accomplished in the process of completing the other steps of the challenge. When you’re out at the club or working as a stripper, you’ll be offered drugs on occasion. Make sure to accept every time and choose different drugs if you’re given the option. Once you’ve tried three different kinds of drugs, this step will be finished.

How to Quit Stripping to Become a Carpenter

After living an accomplished life as a male stripper, it’s time to leave everything behind to complete this step. Once you’ve finished the other steps in this challenge and have worked as a stripper for over 15 years, you can find the apprentice carpenter career in the jobs menu. If you don’t see it, age up and check again. Once you spend enough time as an apprentice carpenter, you will eventually be promoted to a regular carpenter, completing this step and the entire challenge.

BitLife is available now on mobile devices.

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