BitLife Next Top Model Challenge Guide: How to Join Mean Girls Clique, Become a Runway Model, and More

Here's how to complete this week's model-themed BitLife challenge.

by Diego Perez


The latest BitLife challenge is here, and this week, you’re tasked with becoming BitLife’s Next Top Model. In a huge departure from last week’s journalism-themed O challenge, this BitLife quest requires you to make it big as a successful model and make some risque career choices later down the line. It all starts in high school, however, with you joining the Mean Girls clique to set yourself up for success. Without instructions though, this challenge can be quite confusing. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the BitLife’s Next Top Model challenge this week.

How to Complete the BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge

There are five steps to completing the Next Top Model challenge in BitLife. Each of them is listed below.

  1. How to Join the Mean Girls Clique in High School
  2. How to Become a Famous Runway Model
  3. How to Achieve 90%+ Fame
  4. How to Publish a Book About Your Career
  5. How to Pose Nude for a Photoshoot

Keep reading on for more details about each step, including the best ways to complete them fast.


How to Join the Mean Girls Clique in High School

In order to join the Mean Girls clique, you first need to be born a female. Any city will do, your starting location does not matter. Once you’ve gotten started, age up until you reach high school.

To gain entrance to the Mean Girls clique, you have to be pretty and popular. Focus on raising your Looks stat as high as possible and maintain the highest level of class popularity that you can, making as many friends as possible along the way. As long as you meet the requirements of being popular enough and looking good while doing it, you can join the Mean Girls clique by selection the School option.

How to Become a Famous Runway Model

The next step is to graduate high school and begin your modeling career. Once you graduate high school, search for the Foot Model career path. If it doesn’t show up in the available job listings, age up and check again until the opportunity presents itself. Other modeling career paths require prior experience, so you’ll have to dive into the industry feet first (literally).

Thankfully, a college degree isn’t required so you can spend those early years searching for a Foot Model job. A high Looks stat is required though, so make sure you don’t drop off after high school. Once you’re hired as a Foot Model, focus on climbing the corporate ladder by taking new opportunities until you become a Runway Model. After being hired as a Runway Model, fame will come naturally after a few years.

How to Achieve 90%+ Fame

Becoming famous will unlock a new Fame tab in the Activities menu. This will allow you to grow your fanbase and become even more famous, which is key for the next two steps. Keep doing things to increase your Fame until you cross the 90% threshold to complete this step. It’s best to complete this step in tandem with the last two steps, as both of them will increase your Fame a great deal.

How to Publish a Book About Your Career

You can write a book in the Fame section. To accomplish this step and publish a book about your career, just keep writing as many books as you can until you write one about the necessary subject. That’s all there is to this step!

How to Pose Nude for a Photoshoot

Photoshoots are another thing you can do in the Fame tab. Just like the book writing step, you’re going to have to participate in as many of these as possible. Eventually, you will see the nude option listed. You only need to pose for one nude photoshoot to complete this task, and it will grant you a considerable bonus to your Fame level as an added bonus. This step is pretty simple, and the nude photoshoot option isn’t hard to find at all.

BitLife is available now on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on June 11th, 2022

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