How to Get a Scholarship for College in BitLife

School is expensive. Here's how to get a full ride.

by Diego Perez


Trying to get a scholarship in BitLife? Whether it’s for a quest like the O Challenge or just to get ahead in life for your normal BitLife playthrough, getting a scholarship to help pay for university can lift a massive weight off your shoulders. Just like in real life, college is ridiculously expensive in BitLife, so having someone else cover the cost for you is a great help. You’ll have to try extra hard in the years before college though, and you may end up unlucky even if you try everything that you can. Here’s how to get a scholarship in BitLife.

How to Get a University Scholarship in BitLife

There are two main paths to obtaining a scholarship in BitLife. The first and most common strategy is to raise your character’s Smarts stat as high as possible. To do so, read books and visit the library whenever the opportunity presents itself. Basically, just do whatever you can to further your academic skills before you apply for college. Having a character with a naturally high Smarts stat to start off with will also make this process much easier.

When the time comes to apply to university, you will be given the choice to apply for a scholarship. Selecting this option isn’t a guarantee that you’ll receive any financial aid, but if your Smarts stat is high enough, you have very good odds of obtaining a scholarship that covers a portion of your tuition and other expenses.


How to Get an Athletic Scholarship in BitLife

The second strategy is to pursue an academic scholarship by excelling at a sport. This method doesn’t revolve around your Smarts stat, instead allowing you to specialize your character in athletics so you can pursue different careers later in life. To do this, make sure to participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible from middle school onward.

The type of extracurricular activity doesn’t matter for your scholarship as long as you choose a sports club, so you can choose anything you’d like from football to basketball to golf. If you end up making the team for your school, do whatever you can to stay on the team and make sure to reapply for a team once you reach high school.

Being on a sports team isn’t enough, so you’ll need to visit the gym and go on walks often to maintain your athletic skills and outperform your peers. Remember that having a character with good starting stats is important, and some characters just can’t become athletic enough to secure an athletic scholarship no matter how hard they train. If you do manage to finish high school while playing a sport and having decent stats, you will receive an athletic scholarship upon graduation.

BitLife is available now on mobile devices.

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