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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Wonder Weapon Easter Egg – How to Get D.I.E. Machine

This Wonder Weapon does massive damage.

by William Schwartz


The D.I.E. Machine is the best weapon you can get in Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode.  To get it is a multi-step process that will require you survive and complete different associated tasks.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly how to get the D.I.E. Machine Wonder Weapon in Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode.

The D.I.E. Machine is the most powerful weapon in Zombies

First things first there are some pre-requirements to getting this powerful weapon.  You will need to know how to turn on the power and it will be helpful if you also pack-a-punch your weapons to make you stronger.  In this guide we’ll show how to do all of this in the video below.  The other requirement is that you make it far enough into zombies mode to meet the Megaton zombie as it will hold a key item to getting this challenge completed.  So below you will find a video that goes from the start of the zombies mode up to the point where we get the D.I.E. Machine.  In the text below we’ll start the instructions from when we get to the Megaton Zombie.

Turn on the Power

Get Pack-a-Punch


Kill Megaton Zombie

Assuming that you’ve gotten this far at about level 10 – 11 you will first encounter the Megaton Zombie.  This zombie will be easily identifiable as it is a glowing yellow color.  It is also much stronger than normal zombies.  Once you kill its first form, it will split into two smaller zombies.  Once you’ve taken down the Megaton and its spawn, you will find a key card item that’s been left behind.


Take Keycard and go to the Weapons Lab

The arrow in the image above is pointing at the Weapons Locker.  Until you have the keycard you cannot interact with this machine, but once you do have the keycard it will give you the item that you need to get the D.I.E. Machine.  Insert the keycard in the weapons locker and a drawer will open.  Take the D.I.E. Remote Control.


Take the D.I.E. Remote Control to the Living Room

The D.I.E. Remote Control controls the D.I.E. weapon, which is actually hidden in area in the Living Room.  The hole in the wall in the image above is where you want to go.  Go to the hole with the remote control and you will be able to turn on the device.  Doing so will start the weapon functioning and it will suck up zombies that cross its path.


Try to get as many zombies into the D.I.E. Machine as possible quickly

Once you turn the machine on it will suck up the zombies as they pass by it.  You’ll want to try to time this at a time when you have the most zombies near it because you actually need to feed the machine quite a few zombies.  If you don’t get enough in time, the machine will shut down, and it will need to cool down.  If this happens just try to waste some time and preserve zombies in the area.  Wait a short period and then turn the machine on again to continue the process.  Once complete you will need to Discharge the DIE Machine.


Discharge the machine and it will blow the door open.  Inside is the weapon

Head back to the hole in the wall and interact with the machine again to Discharge the weapon.  At this point the door will be blown open, look inside to collect the DIE Machine and complete this easter egg for Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

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