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Black Ops Cold War Zombies – How to Turn on Power in Die Maschine

by William Schwartz


Zombies returns with Black Ops Cold War and Die Maschine is the new map for the popular mode.  In Die Maschine there are numerous objectives to complete, alongside staying alive against the zombie horde.  To get started in Die Maschine you’re going to want to get the power on in the abandoned military outpost.  This guide will explain exactly what you need to do to turn the power on in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

The easiest way to turn on the power just requires that you have enough to get past a number of barricades.  You’re going to want to move from the outside starting area all the way down into the bowels of this complex.  To do that you’ll need to earn cash by killing zombies and then use that cash to open doorways and remove blockages from your path.  The video guide below will show you the exact path to turn on the power.

How to Turn on Power Black Ops Cold War – Video Guide

Requirements to turn on the power

There aren’t any real requirements or certain levels to hit before you can turn on the power in Die Maschine.  You simply need enough money to clear barricades and open doors.  This method of turning on the power in Die Maschine Zombies in Black Ops Cold War requires that you unlock multiple doors and clear multiple barricades with cash.  There are three locked doors and four barricades that you need to clear before getting to the power button.  In total, you will need $8250 cash.


First locked door – $500

From the start of the level you’ll want to head left towards the pink door with the rabbit on it.  Open it for $500 to gain access to the facility.


Barricade Explosive – $750 – Living Room

Hook a right once you get inside this building and you’ll find yourself in the “Living Room”.  You’ll see a stair case to the right with a big red X and and purple arrow pointing at it.  Blow this up by spending $750 and proceed to the next area.


Barricade Explosive – $1000

Through the door around the corner through “The Mezzanine” and up the rubble and all the way down to the opposite side of this area called “The Penthouse” you will find yet another barricade that must be breached.  It’ll have a big red X on it as well.  Pay the $1000 and hop down to the area outside of the building


Barricade Explosive – $1250

Once outside you’ll be at the crash site and at this point it should be immediately clear where you need to go.  Head towards the red X and purple arrow.  Blow up this barricade and you’ll be another step closer to gaining access to the Facility.  Once this barricade is clear you’ll come to a set of bunker doors which will open automatically.  Head inside then look for the Barricade below:


Barricade Explosive – $1500

The barricades are beginning to get pricey, but you’re getting close to the power now.  This barricade will be on the left hand side as you approach after entering the bunker doors.  Blow this one up and you’ll simply have two doors to open and you’re at the power.  As you head into this next area it is a little dark so be sure to look out for the big purple glowing arrow to find your next target, which is a locked door in the “Medical Bay”.


Locked Door – $1500

Once you’ve gotten to this locked door you are one door away from the power. Open it for $1500 and you’re almost done.  Enter into the Particle Accelerator Room and you’ll find that the Power Button is in sight.


Locked Door $1750

The power button is in the room in the image above.  It has a door on each side, either which can be opened for $1750.  Once you’ve opened the door you will have access to the power button which can be pressed to activate the power at no charge.


Power Button $0

Head in that final door and you’ll find the power button on the console that is next to the window.  From here there are plenty of options regarding what you would like to do first.  Upgrading your weapons and perks should be a top priority now that you’ve got the power on.

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