Breaking the Bank: Should You Give Naeva the Award or Lie in Starfield?

I want to thank all of the Crimson Fleet, for giving me the chance to steal this award.

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Should You Give Naeva the Earth Savior Award or Lie
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You’ve done it: You’ve pulled off a hell of a heist while aboard the Siren of the Stars in Starfield. It’s an optional path to get in Naeva’s good graces as a rook in the Crimson Fleet, but you’ll find it’s one of the longest missions in this faction questline. With Evgeny Rokov wanting in on the score and Naeva’s trust on the line, you might be tempted by such a treasured award when it comes time to give it up. Should you give Naeva the Earth Savior Award, or lie and keep it in Starfield?

Should You Give Naeva the Earth Savior Award or Lie and Keep it in Starfield?

You should keep the Earth Savior Award, and lie through your teeth instead of giving it to Naeva in Starfield. There’s not even a persuasion check, you’ll just pretend you completely forgot and they’ll believe it. Our reasons are twofold:

  • It won’t hurt your position in the Crimson Fleet, and it’s arguably on brand for a would-be space pirate.
  • The award is crazy valuable to sell.

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The second point comes into play pretty quickly in this choice. Through some quick assessment of the base rewards for either choice, you get 14400 credits plus a bonus of 3000 for giving her the award, whereas keeping it, you still complete the “breaking the bank” mission and get 11300 credits. So for this to be worth it, you must get 6100 credits from reselling the Earth Savior award in Starfield.

  • Starfield-Should-You-Give-Naeva-the-Earth-Savior-Award-or-Lie-Sell
  • Starfield-Should-You-Give-Naeva-the-Earth-Savior-Award-or-Lie-Commerce

Luckily, with the item valued at a comical 65000 credits, you’ll be easily able to make back this difference. The amount you gain from reselling it will heavily vary from this value, but even without any Commerce ranks you’re looking at ~8000+ credits at a nearby trade authority, increasing with each rank in the skill. Sorry Naeva, it’s nothing personal, but much like many of the crew here, we’re in it for the credits.

- This article was updated on September 9th, 2023

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