Best Starfield Perks to Pick First

Discover the best perks to pick first in Starfield!

by Marc Magrini
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Starfield is a game with hundreds of customization options. Like previous Bethesda RPGs, it’s also a game with a robust levelling system, offering many different perks for players to choose from. Obtaining all of these perks will only get harder as progression through the game persists. Players should get a head start by picking the best perks first as they level up in Starfield.

What are the Best Perks to Get First in Starfield?

While players will have a couple of perks from the moment they pick their starting background, there will still be quite a few that need to be picked after levelling up. The entire first row of skills will be available for players to pick from after obtaining their first skill point. Further rows will require quite a bit of investment into those starting perks, including the resolution of “rank challenges” to upgrade already-chosen skills.

Some perks will be far more effective than others depending on what gameplay aspects you wish to put the greatest focus on. Outside of perks that improve combat skills, which you should pick depending on your choice of weapon, these are the biggest choices to consider when starting out:

  • Perks that unlock features will grant you access to important options and open up more choices for builds.
    • Boost Pack Training is a vital skill that allows you to use jetpacks.
    • Piloting will let you use the ship’s thrusters, increasing maneuverability during space combat.
    • Targeting Control Systems will help you disable enemy ships without destroying them, making it easier to directly board them.
    • Theft will allow you to pickpocket NPCs.
    • Stealth will add a Stealth Meter, granting a visual indicator on how hidden you are while decreasing how easy it is to detect you.
  • Perks that improve resource gathering will either give you more items or grant you access to better items.
    • Security will let you allow you to hack higher-level locks.
    • Geology will provide a greater number of resources from surface objects.
    • Research Methods will lower the cost of crafting items and completing research projects.
    • Commerce will increase the price of items you sell while decreasing the price of items you buy.
    • Gastronomy will let you craft specialty food and drinks.
    • Scavenging will provide extra credits when searching containers.
    • Weight Lifting will increase your carry weight.

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There are other useful perks to get outside of these. Dueling will increase your melee damage while also decreasing the melee damage you take, which is helpful for quite a few early-game foes. Additionally, a perk offered by the end of the Physical tree is Rejuvenation, which will unlock health regeneration. You should consider checking each tree’s full list of perks so you can figure out which ones to invest in early on, even if they don’t all have the best skills for your playstyle.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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