All Trade Authority Locations in Starfield

Finding the various locations of the Trade Authority in Starfield can help lighten the load and provide opportunities for lots of money!

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Trade Authority Locations
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Have you ever found yourself in possession of too much cargo when you’d rather sell them for credits in Starfield? You’re not alone, and thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to get your money’s worth. While you can approach lots of various stores, many aren’t equipped to handle the large quantities and valuable items quite like the trade authority. You can even take on cargo missions with this group, so it’s good to know your Trade Authority locations in Starfield!

Where to Find Trade Authority Locations in Starfield

Trade Authority locations are commonly found in the hub cities across many planets in Starfield, often in the main areas. They’re all marked with that signature yellow and black sign above their doorways, and you can even find small trade authority kiosks inside ship service stations at the city’s spaceport.

As a rule of thumb, check the landing pad for the yellow kiosk first if you’re looking to sell your goods, and go further into the city if you’re wishing to speak to someone there.

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New Atlantis Trade Authority and Kiosk Locations in Starfield

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  • Starfield-Trade-Authority-Locations-New-Atlantis-Kiosk

Right next to the technician where you can buy ship parts at the spaceport, there’s a Trade Authority Kiosk. Additionally, if you fast-travel to the MAST District and go down the ramp, you can take an elevator on the left down to The Well, where there’s a Trade Authority station. It’s where you can get the “Tapping the Grid” mission, too.

Cydonia Trade Authority and Kiosk Locations

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  • Starfield-Trade-Authority-Locations-Cydonia-Kiosk

In the Martian hub city, you’ll find the kiosk just outside a Ship Services station at the spaceport. If you venture inside the city, take the ramp down to the lower level (but not to the bottom) and you’ll find a Trade Authority station to your right, across from Reliant Medical.

Akila City Trade Authority and Kiosk Locations

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  • Starfield-Trade-Authority-Locations-Akila-City-Kiosk

Akila City’s Trade Authority locations are some of the most straightforward ones in Starfield. Directly ahead on your way to enter the city from the spaceport is a Ship Services station with a kiosk outside. Inside the city walls, go around the other side of the GalBank (from the “Job Gone Wrong” mission) and you’ll find this Trade Authority station. You’ll also be excited to learn you can get special jobs at this one.

Neon Trade Authority and Kiosk Locations

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  • Starfield-Trade-Authority-Locations-Neon-Kiosk

Neon’s spaceport follows this pattern again, with a Ship Services station and the kiosk being indoors. Go into the city and this Trade Authority location is the easiest to find in the game, brightly lit in the center of the city.

Are There Other Trade Authority Locations You Should Know?

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  • Starfield-Trade-Authority-Locations-The-Den-Kiosk

Generally, you’ll find that the Trade Authority sends you on all sorts of interesting runs if you take work from them. But if you get a job from the Akila City station, you’ll be sent to the Wolf Star system, just near Alpha Centauri, where you can dock at The Den and make your connections for discreet, higher-paying jobs.

There’s also a kiosk you can find immediately when you get there, in addition to a human member.

Where Are Trade Authority Mission Boards?

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There’s not technically a dedicated Trade Authority mission board, so much as there is a shared mission board next to bounty clearance boards. You’ll find these in public places like inside the Viewpoint in New Atlantis, Volii Hotel in Neon, and the Broken Spear in Cydonia. It will clarify which faction gives each mission, including the Trade Authority.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2023

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