Starfield Weapon Upgrade Bench Locations

Mod out your dream gun with these weapon upgrade benches in Starfield!

by J.R. Waugh
Where to Find Weapon Workbenches in Starfield
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Upgrading your weapons in Starfield is much like in any other Bethesda game. You often will find some killer guns in this title, like the Beowulf, but find yourself limited by its iron sights, wishing instead for sleek attachments to give you a tactical advantage. This is where the crafting elements come into play, and your mining or manufacturing is incredibly useful. But to upgrade weapons, you’ll need to find a weapon workbench, so here are some of the best bench locations in Starfield!

Where to Find Weapon Workbenches to Upgrade Weapons in Starfield

You will always find weapon workbenches in dedicated weapon store locations across the major cities in Starfield. Once you step inside, look around, and you’ll find the bench you’re looking for to upgrade your weapons, surprisingly free of charge. The only catch is that you have to bring your own supplies.

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Additionally, you can find a weapon workbench in the basement of The Lodge where you join Constellation, and aboard many of the ships you can buy.

New Atlantis Weapon Upgrade Workbench Locations in Starfield

  • Where-to-Find-Weapon-Workbenches-Bench-to-Upgrade-Weapons-New-Atlantis-Centaurian-Arsenal
  • Where-to-Find-Weapon-Workbenches-Bench-to-Upgrade-Weapons-New-Atlantis-The-Lodge

As our editor Diego Perez has listed, you can find the dedicated weapon store above the surface of New Atlantis. You can fast-travel to the Residential District and spot the weapon workbench just behind the counter here. Additionally, The Lodge is in New Atlantis, where you can find a bench just in the basement.

Akila City Weapon Upgrade Workbench Locations

  • Where-to-Find-Weapon-Workbenches-Bench-to-Upgrade-Weapons-Akila-City-Rowland-Arms
  • Where-to-Find-Weapon-Workbenches-Bench-to-Upgrade-Weapons-Akila-Laredo-Firearms
  • Where-to-Find-Weapon-Workbenches-Bench-to-Upgrade-Weapons-Akila-City-Laredo-Firearms-Interior

Akila City has a weapon upgrade bench on both ends of the city in Starfield: one in Rowland Arms near the main entrance, and one in Laredo Firearms, in the back end of the city.

Neon Weapon Upgrade Workbench Locations

  • Where-to-Find-Weapon-Workbenches-Bench-to-Upgrade-Weapons-Neon-Tactical-Interior
  • Where-to-Find-Weapon-Workbenches-Bench-to-Upgrade-Weapons-Neon-Tactical

Neon Tactical, near where you enter the city (also having the most eye-grabbing sign of arguably any weapon store) has a workbench just inside as well. Basically, most weapon stores you find in major hub locations across the galaxy have a weapon upgrade bench in Starfield.

How to Build a Bench to Upgrade Weapons at Your Outpost in Starfield

Once you’re in an unclaimed spot on any given planet and are able to create an outpost (‘F’ or ‘LB’ to take out the scanner, then ‘R’ or ‘X’ to select the Outpost option) these can be crafted easily. The components to build one are:

Select the Crafting menu and you can build a weapon workbench anywhere in Starfield as a result! Go out there and trick out your gun with some crazy mods and take down all threats that come your way!

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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