Starfield Gun Store Locations: Where to Buy Weapons and Ammo

Each major planet has a gun store.

by Diego Perez , Noah Nelson
Starfield SKS Old Earth Hunting Rifle
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Space is a dangerous place in Starfield, and even the Settled Systems have their fair share of violence. Just because the United Colonies or Freestar Rangers rule most major systems doesn’t mean you won’t run into pirates or Spacers while you explore uncharted planets or fly between cities. You need to have a gun on you at all times in Starfield, and a weapon store can help you upgrade your arsenal beyond the starting weapons.

Where to Find Weapon Stores in Starfield

While most Starfield stores sell at least some weapons, you’ll need to find a dedicated gun store if you want to purchase something larger than a pistol or a mining laser. Thankfully, every major settlement has at least one weapon store that sells dozens of unique weapons. Some of them even come with mods pre-installed, giving you a more powerful weapon if you have the Credits to spare.

The best weapons I’ve found in Starfield have been in quests like Mantis and on random enemies I’ve defeated. Like a lot of video games, shops sell fairly good weapons in Starfield but they serve more as a means to getting even better weapons by defeating enemies with ease.

Here’s where to find the weapon stores in some of Starfield’s most accessible cities.

New Atlantis Gun Store Location

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There are two gun stores in New Atlantis. The main weapon shop is Centurian Arsenal, found in the Residential District. It has an entirely wooden-looking facade without any windows, just like most of the stores in New Atlantis. It can be hard to miss, especially at night time, but it’s right next to the Residential District teleport point.

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The second New Atlantis gun store is located underground in the Well. You can reach it by taking an elevator from the MAST District. Once you arrive in the Well, you can find a store called UC Surplus that sells all sorts of weapons and gear that the United Colonies doesn’t need anymore.

Some other vendors in New Atlantis, like the Trade Authority and the shady backroom dealer in Apex Electronics, sell guns as well, but Centurian Arsenal and UC Surplus are the city’s two dedicated arms dealers.

When looking to buy weapons and ammo in New Atlantis, stick to Centurian Arsenal and UC Surplus. A coworker of mine strictly uses Cutter in combat so he never needs to buy ammo or better guns. If you want to go that route, you’ll definitely want to know how to get a better Cutter.

Akila City Gun Store Location

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Akila City is also home to two weapon stores, but unlike New Atlantis, these two gun shops are within walking distance of each other. The first shop is Rowland Arms, which is located in the main plaza of Akila City. It’s on the left-hand side once you walk in, just a short distance past the general store.

The competing arms dealer is Laredo Firearms, which is located in the back half of Akila City. It can be a pain to find because of its simple facade, but it’s easy to return to once you figure out where it is. You’ll find Laredo Firearms by immediately turning right after entering Akila City from the spaceport, and it’ll be on your right. Both stores sell basically the same selection of weapons, but you can visit one or the other if your weapon of choice is out of stock at either of them.

If you’re trying to sell weapons to a weapon vendor, you may need to learn how to restock the vendor credits. This will help you continue to get full price for your sold merchandise.

Neon Gun Store Location

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The city of Neon is a dangerous and seedy place, so of course it has a great gun store with plenty of options to choose from. Your primary destination for all firearm needs in Neon is Neon Tactical, located in the main shopping district of the Neon Core. You’ll see it as soon as you take the elevator down into the Core from the landing pad on the surface. It’s right next to the Trade Authority and has a huge red, white, and blue sign.

While Neon Tactical is the premier weapon shop on the planet, the other stores in Neon’s shopping district sell weapons too. Their selection won’t be as extensive as Neon Tactical’s, but they might have what you’re looking for if the main gun store doesn’t have your item in stock.

Remember that the available weapons in Starfield scale with your level, so weapon stores won’t start to offer powerful Calibrated or Refined guns until you reach a high enough level. Because of that, I recommend saving your money at the beginning of the game and coming back a bit later when you’ve earned some more credits and levels.

You’ll be stuck with the typical selection of Eons, Maelstroms, and other early game guns for the first few hours of your interstellar adventure, but pretty soon you’ll be able to find new futuristic firearms and maybe a legendary weapon or two if you’re lucky.

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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