Starfield Mantis Letter Puzzle Solution

Never ignore notes you find as you explore. Only the worthy can become...The Mantis!

by J.R. Waugh , Noah Nelson
Starfield Mantis Letter Puzzle
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Some quests in Starfield are just innately cooler than others. In what rapidly appears to be the game’s equivalent to becoming Batman, your mission in “Mantis” is to investigate the mysterious eponymous lair that’s guarded by a difficult letter puzzle.

Inside you’ll find deadly mercs and treacherous NPCs claiming to want to help you. But in reality, they’re after the awesome arsenal and riches within, and who can blame them? The most lethal challenge in the Mantis mission features a strange letter puzzle on the floor, so here’s how to solve it in Starfield!

Starfield Mantis Letter Puzzle Solution: What Word Do You Have to Spell?

The answer is Tyrannis for the Mantis letter puzzle in Starfield. You simply have to spell the word from start to finish by walking across the corresponding floor tiles. One misstep and you’re gunned down quickly by ceiling turrets. The clue to this is in an audio log left behind by Leon Volcain, repeating the phrase “Sic semper tyrannis.”

If you have a companion, I recommend telling them to stay put until you solve the puzzle. You don’t want them making a wrong move and ruining the puzzle for you. You can come back for them after you get through the puzzle.

Also, in my playthrough, I couldn’t find the answer so I ran as fast as I could. I was able to get to the other side, open the gate, and get to safety before I took too much damage from the turrets.

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  • Starfield-Mantis-Letter-Puzzle-Step-2
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  • Starfield-Mantis-Letter-Puzzle-Step-4-1
  • Starfield-Mantis-Letter-Puzzle-Step-4
  • Starfield-Mantis-Letter-Puzzle-Step-5
  • Starfield-Mantis-Letter-Puzzle-Step-6
  • Starfield-Mantis-Letter-Puzzle-Step-7

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Spell out tyrannis, fight off some robots, and you’ll find an awesome spacesuit, along with a matching helmet and pack, and even a new ship!

What Does Sic Semper Tyrannis Mean?

Sic semper tyrannis is Latin for “thus always to tyrants” tying into the obvious motivations for the alter ego and hidden arsenal. This plays into the vigilante persona alluded to with in-game background chatter, encountered potentially as soon as you start your playthrough. While the ship you get is a clear upgrade from the Frontier, the best rewards are the suit and base left behind.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Leon had planned to claim his inheritance so he could “party hard” but instead wound up discovering the space Batcave. What’s the craziest gift your parents have gotten you?

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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