COD Warzone & MW2 Haunting 2023: Start Date, Map Changes, Skins, and Leaks

Learn about everything coming in the Call of Duty Haunting event!

by Noah Nelson , Diego Perez
Image: Activision

The Haunting is the annual Call of Duty Halloween event that brings new limited-time modes, rewards, and skins to both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. This year, there are a lot of great cross-over skins to enjoy and plenty of free rewards to earn if you participate in the spooky new limited-time modes. Here are all the details for The Haunting 2023, including all the changes and additions to Call of Duty: Warzone, DMZ, and Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Haunting Start and End Dates

The Haunting starts on October 17 in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 alongside the launch of Season 6 Reloaded. The Haunting event will continue through to the start of Season 7 which should be around November 8.

All Call of Duty Haunting LTM Modes

Image: Activision

The Haunting will feature four limited-time Warzone game modes. These are Operation Nightmare, Zombie Royale, Vondead, and Vondead Lockdown.

Operation Nightmare

Operation Nightmare sounds like a DMZ mode where you drop into Al Mazrah at night and hunt “Most Wanted” monsters. The monsters that have been identified are “The Pharaoh,” “Swamp Creature,” “Evil Spirits,” and “The Butcher.”

Image: Activision


Vondead sounds like another DMZ mode where you’ll enter Vondel at night and experience the transformed Excursion Zone. There will be demonic altars to destroy and “The Butcher” to take down.

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Vondead Lockdown

Vondead Lockdown is a Battle Royale that plays like Hardpoint where you need to capture and hold zones in the nighttime variant of Vondel.

Zombie Royale

Zombie Royale is a popular LTM that plays like a Battle Royale, but when you die, you become a zombie that can hunt down other teams. Once you’re slain as a zombie, you’re gone for good. But, there are ways to return to human form when a zombie.

All Call of Duty Haunting Rewards

Image: Activision

During The Haunting event, you’ll collect a limited-time currency called Captured Souls by defeating monsters and getting kills which you can then use to unlock The Haunting rewards. We aren’t sure what the rewards are just yet, but we know they will likely be calling cards, blueprints, and more.

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There will also be two limited-time pieces of equipment to enjoy. Sound Veil Scream is a Field Upgrade that acts as a Suppression Mine and fills the air with the screams of the dead when detonated. Decoyr Grenade is a Tactical grenade that fills the air with monstrous sounds as well as gunfire. There’s also the Bloodseeker Grenade, Haunted Box, and jump scares within lootable containers.

All Call of Duty Haunting Skins

Arguably the most exciting part about The Haunting event is the skins. There are tons of Operator skins and fun weapon cosmetics that’ll let you play as your favorite monsters from other franchises.

  • Call-of-Duty-The-Haunting-Spawn-min
  • Call-of-Duty-The-Haunting-Creepy-Clown-min
  • Call-of-Duty-The-Haunting-Violator-min
  • Call-of-Duty-The-Haunting-Disruptor-min
  • Call-of-Duty-The-Haunting-Soul-Crusher-min
  • Call-of-Duty-The-Haunting-Skeletor-min
  • Call-of-Duty-The-Haunting-Ash-min
  • Call-of-Duty-The-Haunting-Doom-min

There’s a lot to cover: the Season 6 battle pass showcases Spawn. From there, we’re getting the Creepy Clown, Violator, Disruptor, Soul Crusher, and Nikto Spawn and Burned Spawn outfits. We’re also getting Gaia, a Groot-looking skin not associated with Spawn.

If that wasn’t enough, The Haunting is bringing us Diablo 4 Inarius and Lilith skins, Skeletor from Masters of the Universe, Alucard from Hellsing, Ash from Evil Dead, and a long-ranged shotgun and chainsaw inspired by DOOM.

There will also be two map reskins during The Haunting. El Asilo and Embassy will be “Halloween-ified” to fit The Haunting event vibe.

- This article was updated on September 29th, 2023

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